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CHARLESTON, W. Va. – Winfield High School celebrated its senior class on Wednesday with a graduation ceremony at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

The event marked the second commencement ceremony of the week for Putnam County Schools; Hurricane High School held its drills on Tuesday.

“We never thought this day would come. We wished for its speedy arrival, marked the days on our calendar. We counted the hours, minutes and seconds, and now that it’s here, I’m sorry that it has to be,” honorary student Alexandra Barnett told classmates and their families. “Because it means leaving a place that inspires me and the teachers who have guided us along the way.”

Barnett thanked the teachers and adults who supported her throughout her educational endeavors, noting that her experiences as a general prepared her for the next phase of her life. She also added that the Class of 2022 should not focus on the career they want to pursue, but rather on the person they want to become.

“Whoever it is, make sure your actions and choices align with the qualities and values ​​most important to you,” she added. “Growing up is hard, but I think we’ve all proven time and time again that we can persevere through anything.”

Dillon Johnson was recognized at the ceremony as General of the Year, an honor recognizing a senior member of the class who shows what it means to be part of the school community. Students nominated Johnson, citing his school spirit and leadership.

“I know our high school years weren’t the best because of COVID-19, but one thing I love about this class is that we were the biggest comeback story of the year. “, Johnson said.

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