Will and Woody slammed for live vaccination prank



A member of the KIIS FM duo, Will and Woody, posed as an NSW health worker to deliver shocking news to an unsuspecting woman.

Radio duo Will and Woody have been criticized for a ‘cruel’ prank in which one of them posed as a New South Wales health worker to tell a woman he had been taken mistakenly injected saline rather than the Covid vaccine.

The staggered stunt aired on Monday’s episode of their KIIS show about driving time, after a social media call for Victorian listeners to make friends in New South Wales, they wanted to play a prank on ‘Freedom Day’, the first step in reopening New South Wales after months of blockage.

“On behalf of a Victorian, we are going to sew up someone in New South Wales who is taking advantage of their freedoms,” the duo explained.

One of those Victorians was Annaleigh, who told them she felt “a little salty” that her best friend from NSW, Mia, had planned to have a group dinner that night.

She explained that Mia recently brought forward her second dose of the Covid vaccine specifically so she could go out to dinner with friends on the first night of lockdown.

Encourage their listeners to “take advantage of [us] absolutely flush someone, ”the hosts then played the prerecorded prank call, which began with Woody calling out an unsuspecting Mia.

He introduced himself to her as “Trent Summers of the NSW Department of Health” and warned that he “was unfortunately not calling with good news”.

He told Mia that it was discovered that a number of people vaccinated during his booking window had actually been injected with saline.

“There is nothing wrong with having you injected with saline, but it just means you potentially haven’t had the second vaccination,” he told her. “We have to 100% confirm that you have had it – the only way to do that is to have a blood test.”

Asking if Mia had any plans that night, Woody – posing as the NSW health worker – then offered her unusual options to save her dinner, asking if she would be comfortable “wearing a protective suit, face shield and gloves ”.

“Oh really? Um, I would probably prefer not to go out,” she said, sighing heavily.

“You will probably also need to bring your own food and drinks. And you will probably have to sit alone, ”he said.

“Yeah,” she said, her voice cracking – at that point, Woody quickly revealed it was all a “sting” and let Mia know her friend was calling her.

“What the hell? I’m literally ripping it up in the gym. My god, she said.“ I was thinking, ‘I’m going to have to cancel everything!’ I hate needles! It was so mean.

The prank gained social media attention Monday afternoon when listener Shane Bazzi tweeted: “Will and Woody calling a young woman – like a prank – posing as NSW Health, telling the woman her second dose may have been saline, not vaxx, must have a blood test, wear full PPE and stay at away from others when she goes out Public. Pretty screwed up. She was grieved, was crying.

“It wasn’t funny at all and it’s potentially an offense, right?” Cruel stuff.

Others on social media questioned the legality of posing as an NSW health worker during a phone call, while one person pointed out that posing as Commonwealth officials is a offense.

“Apart from everything else, I guess there is’ a pretty serious offense of posing as a government agent”, tweeted one person.

“It’s not funny at all … do better” said another.

“There’s a time and a place for jokes and that’s not it, Chief. It’s neither funny nor appropriate and I pity those who think so. Find better content ”, tweeted someone else.

News.com.au today contacted KISS FM for comment.


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