Which pharmatech startups will be present in the MedCity INVEST Pitch Perfect competition?

At MedCity INVEST, our annual conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Chicago scheduled for March 28-30, startups will once again be the focus of our Pitch Perfect startup pitch competition. This year, the competition will include four streams: care coordination and values-based care; remote patient monitoring and smart devices; diagnostics 2.0 and pharmatech.

The finalists of the pharmatech course have been selected. They include digital therapeutic applications for gastrointestinal conditions, digital tools for breast cancer patients, improved doctor-patient communication, and more.

They will present to a group of investors who will then ask them questions, evaluating them on criteria:

  • Completeness of the overall plan
  • business idea
  • Market opportunity
  • Revenue model
  • Founder(s) experience

The track judges include:

  • Jessica Federer, Partner, Boston Millennia Partners
  • Jeff Weness, Head of Digital Opportunities and Business Intelligence, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies (USA)
  • Blake Wu, Partner, AEN

To view the agenda, Click here.

So who made the short list?

Athelo Health is a biomarker-based virtual coaching platform for breast cancer patients. By providing real-time guidance to patients and healthcare navigation, Athelo improves outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Athelo is there for patients throughout their treatment journey, providing ongoing behavioral guidance based on biometrics, including heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, activity and temperature. Unlike current solutions, which tend to be indication-agnostic, Athelo is designed for breast cancer patients and based on the latest medical research. The team is founded by industry experts with over 30 years of expertise in clinical development, business strategy and engineering.

MetaMe Health develops FDA-cleared prescription digital therapies for the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions. Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDT) are software applications that provide patients with evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent or treat a medical condition or disease. PDTs are developed under the same rigorous conditions as pharmaceuticals and are intended for use as drugs, with clinical trials, FDA clearance, and available only with a doctor’s prescription. The lead product is Regulora®, the first FDA-cleared treatment of any kind specifically for abdominal pain associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in adults. Regulora® is a Prescription Digital Therapeutic that is self-administered via an Apple or Android smartphone. Abdominal pain is the primary symptom of all IBS subtypes and is the primary reason patients seek treatment for their IBS.

OneFul is the one and only source for personalized, high quality combination therapies with advanced automation, many combinations as affordable as $1.00 per day. Through an online pharmacy portal, OneFul can receive a medical prescription or connect patients to qualified physicians in their network with the latest tools to formulate the right medications at the right doses.

Sensual Health in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was founded by a team of pharmacists dedicated to helping patients struggling with difficult and often debilitating skin conditions. It drives the world’s only platform dedicated to monitoring patient adherence to dermatological drug therapies, including topical and oral dosage forms. Its solutions, including a suite of patented electronic monitoring devices, apps and analytics, provide unparalleled insight into patient medication adherence. The customers we serve include pharmaceutical manufacturers, clinical trial organizations, clinicians and pharmacy systems. The team of seasoned pharmacists, technology entrepreneurs and behavioral health/data science experts is complemented by a close network of technology partners. Its advisors are superstars in their respective fields. In three years, we are launching pilot projects with major pharmaceutical brands, expanding its technology pipeline and validating analyses. The next phase will continue the momentum towards regular-stage commercialization to realize its vision.

say health creates an online community that brings doctors and patients together. The goal is to allow freer communication, better record keeping and a sense of autonomy. Tell Health is a purely medical space for healers and their patients to share information. Bringing patients and healthcare professionals together. The company helps nurture deeper relationships between patients and doctors by creating a sense of connection that we couldn’t imagine just a few years ago.

Photo: Adrian Hillman, Getty Images

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