UK climate activists face jail for blocking highways



LONDON (AP) – Environmental activists who have repeatedly blocked Britain’s busiest motorway face jail time after a judge granted an injunction against the protesters, Britain’s Secretary for Public Affairs said on Wednesday. Transport.

Members of the Insulate Britain campaign group have closed parts of London’s M25 motorway, which circles the British capital, five times in just over a week, sitting on the ground, painting the name of their group on the road and holding up signs in front of traffic. Some have also targeted other highways.

Police have arrested dozens of protesters, who are calling on the government to improve house insulation to reduce emissions from heating and powering homes.

“Invading a freeway is reckless and puts lives at risk,” Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps wrote on Twitter. “I have asked National Highways to seek an injunction against the M25 protesters that a judge granted last night.”

The injunction means activists will face contempt of court with the possibility of jail time if they continue to block the roads.

Isulate Britain spokeswoman Zoe Cohen said the protesters “understand the risks they are taking are because we have tried everything to get the government to protect us from the predicted impacts of climate chaos.”

“It involves the loss of everything we hold dear, our society, our way of life and law and order,” she told BBC radio.

Cohen said his group wanted the government to update the insulation of social housing by 2025 and all homes by 2030, “because it is the most effective way to reduce emissions and save lives from fuel poverty “.

The group said it would end its campaign as soon as it heard a “meaningful commitment” from the government to its demands.

The High Court order, which officially came into force on Wednesday, prohibits anyone from “blocking, endangering, slowing down, preventing or impeding free movement on or along the M25 in order to protest.”


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