The FAIR event will be hosted on the rooftop terrace of Fox News

Ben Shapiro recaps the reaction to his attendance at the Podcast Movement, a podcast conference held in Dallas last week. The conference later apologized for Shapiro’s presence at the event, which caused a stir in conservative media circles.

On his podcast Friday, Shapiro, who tops the political podcast charts and has one of the biggest podcasts available, explained why his outlet bought a booth with the conference.

“Our podcast network at The daily thread is the sixth largest podcast platform on planet earth and so when we decided that we were going to take a stand at a conference that frankly I had never heard of called Podcast Movement it was sort of sort of a sign that we were just going to be part of a “community of nations” so to speak. That we are part of the podcast community. We were contacting advertisers, contacting other podcasting networks to try to find maybe new employees. It’s like all other professional conferences.

Shapiro said his business partner, Jeremy Boreing, asked him to go to Dallas – where Podcast Movement was located – for a retirement party for a friend. Shapiro then went to the event, made an appearance at The daily threadand wandered around the exhibition center. His “attendance” was enough for the conference to apologize to its attendees, which Shapiro scoffed at.

“According to the left, I am one of the most intimidating people on planet Earth. I am absolutely terrifying. I am scary. I threaten. And I am Darth Vader. If I walk into a room, you don’t know if I’m going to strangle you, you don’t know if I’m going to shoot you with my lightsaber, you just don’t know. I am a dangerous human being according to the left. You can see it on the video.

“I literally walked around the floor, shook hands and walked out. That’s it,” Shapiro said.

He later explained that Podcast Movement’s apology came from a transgender attendee with 150 followers tweeting the conference saying Shapiro made them feel unwelcome at the event.

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