The actors of the poultry sector are networking



A recently launched strategic POULTRY network aims to promote new players in broiler chicken production across the country.

National Hatch Web (NHW) was created by Hatch Solutions, Victors Chickens, Vet Sol and Provincial Partner Breeders.

NHW President Victor Kwaramba said their ultimate goal was to address long-standing limitations and shortcomings in the current structure of the poultry industry coupled with severe deficits that have been overlooked over the years.

“Periodic shortages, distribution and accessibility of day-old chicks in parts of Zimbabwe, market dominance by a few players as well as inadequate financial support at critical points in the value chain require gasoline. of the NHW initiative, ”he said.

Kwaramba said that while poultry production seemed to be most people’s favorite business stream, there were no emerging brands.

“We have explored our limitations and realized the strength that lies within us as partnerships. With collective efforts and contributions for a common goal to have a positive impact on the poultry sector, ”he said.

“Through the NHW initiative, there will be increased participation and productivity, job creation and protection of new players in broiler chick production in Zimbabwe. “

He said the structure of NHW would promote efficient distribution and the participation of new players through financial and technical support.

“We develop and protect our members while creating a sustainable system that touches local and international markets,” Kwaramba said.

“Currently, we are inviting all players in the value chain, from primary grain producers such as corn and soybeans, feed manufacturers, chick producers, veterinary suppliers, broiler breeders and manufacturers of hatching machines to retail outlets for meat products scattered across the country. to join National Hatch Web.

Kwaramba said farmers could join NHW at different levels.

“We can be part of our initiative as a primary producer of grains, namely corn and soybeans that will be used to make animal feed,” he said.

“We also need what we call provincial breeding partners, who will be responsible for producing fertilized broiler eggs, hatching them for a supply of day-old chicks,” he said. declared.

“This is the most powerful collective producer setup to achieve sustainable growth, productivity, and competitive advantage against unfair competition and the marketplace. “

Kwaramba said they are helping those who want to set up commercial hatcheries.

“We have forged a number of strategic partnerships with people like to achieve our goal of being the largest collective poultry producer in the county by 2023,” he said.

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