Sky Perfect JSAT and NTT Form Space Compass to Establish Optical Data Relay Network

The concept of computer network integrated in space Space Compass. Photo: JSAT/NTT/Space Compass

JSAT perfect sky and the Japanese telephone company NTT are working together to form a new joint venture, Space Compass Corporation, to establish an integrated space computing network. The joint venture, announced on April 26, will take on the challenge of building new infrastructure in space to contribute to a sustainable society.

Space Compass plans to launch an optical data relay service for high-speed data transmission to the ground via a geostationary (GEO) satellite. This will carry data collected in space by observation satellites. Additionally, Space Compass plans to use High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) to provide low-latency communications services in Japan by FY2025 to provide disaster communications, ships and planes, remote islands and remote areas. Ultimately, the company plans to use these two professions to offer a high-capacity communication/computing infrastructure in space.

The two companies will both hold a 50% stake in the new company and plan to start operations in July this year. This latest announcement from the two companies builds on an earlier collaboration agreement in 2021. JSAT and NTT plan to initially invest 6 billion yen in the new company, including the capital reserve.

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