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Schindler recently launched the Schindler Media Network, a new digital communication and advertising platform for interior elevators in residential and office buildings. The platform allows building owners and advertisers to use elevators as a new communication and advertising channel. Schindler will partner with Adonmo to market advertising promoted through the solution.

Schindler will provide the Schindler Media Network to building owners as an end-to-end solution, including installation and ongoing operation of the network. Additionally, content can be easily downloaded and updated, enabling fully digital building communication that is scheduled or published in real time.

In addition to the partnership, advertisers, media agencies and other businesses that want to target audiences in office and residential buildings can book this new category of elevator advertising through standardized processes with Adonmo, which will integrate Schindler Media Network. in its already known booking platform and booking process.

Ashok Ramachandran, Head of KG, Schindler India, said, “Schindler Media Network transforms elevators in offices and residential buildings into communication platforms. Today, digital outdoor advertising is limited in residential and office buildings in India. With this offer, we will open a new communication and advertising channel, setting the standard in the field of digital communication in elevators.”

“Schindler’s deep understanding of the elevator space and broad presence would go a long way in establishing this media segment in India. We are excited about this partnership and see great potential in it,” said Sandeep Bommireddi, co-founder of Adonmo.

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