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Driving greater deployment efficiency in a compact form factor, the new
One Antenna Radio is designed to accelerate 5G deployments

Samsung Electronics today unveiled a new radio designed to help mobile operators overcome the challenges they face in deploying 5G networks. Announced during “Samsung Networks: Redefined”, the new One Antenna radio features integrated antennas, giving operators the ability to simplify and speed up 5G installations by consolidating a massive 3.5GHz MIMO radio with passive antennas at Single low and mid band form factor.

As operators continue to expand their 5G coverage, a major challenge they face is space and footprint restrictions at venues and towers. Samsung’s all-in-one radio will meet various environmental and site requirements, making installation easier, saving space and reducing operating costs for operators. The new solution will be part of Samsung’s radio access network (RAN) portfolio in early 2022, initially targeting the European market.

The main advantages of Samsung’s One Antenna radio are:

  • Simplification of the site: The streamlined solution uses compact hardware to blend in with a municipality’s environment and reduces wiring and hardware items to minimize visual impact in dense urban areas.
  • Simplified installation: Deployment is simplified by eliminating the need to install and connect radios and multiple antennas separately, speeding up installation and reducing labor costs.
  • OPEX savings: By requiring less space at sites or towers, and with a smaller footprint, operators can save on expenses, including rental and maintenance costs.

“We are proud to introduce our one-antenna radio to deliver industry-leading performance designed to adapt to a variety of deployment environments,” said Wonil Roh, senior vice president and head of product strategy, network operations at Samsung Electronics . “Recognizing that mounting hardware, wiring, time and crew site space are a challenge for most operators, we created a solution to help resolve this issue and extend deployment limits. “

Samsung has pioneered the successful delivery of end-to-end 5G solutions, including chipsets, radios, and cores. Through continuous research and development, Samsung is pushing the industry to advance 5G networks with its industry-leading product portfolio, from fully virtualized RAN and Core solutions to private network solutions and automation tools powered by AI. The company currently provides network solutions to mobile operators that provide connectivity to hundreds of millions of users around the world.


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