Rexburg prepares the city’s fiber network for the future

REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI) – Rexburg is upgrading its city communications infrastructure and is beginning to install 20 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the city.

The new cable will exponentially increase the city’s ability to monitor and transmit information.

“The 432 fiber, which are little strands of glass, is actually what’s going on in there,” said director of economic development and public relations Scott Johnson. “What people don’t understand is that each little fiber can actually carry a lot of information depending on the type of light passing through it.”

City developers have been preparing for this project for more than a decade.

The cable will connect city facilities and assets and allow the city to safely monitor city buildings and assets.

“We currently have fiber that connects our city’s infrastructure, but it’s quite limited,” said Rexburg Chief Information Officer Todd Smith. “So this will go all out and eventually connect all of our city’s assets together in a robust, redundant, and reliable fiber network.”

The new network will be the backbone of future projects.

Once the system is in place, third-party providers can extend the network into Rexburg homes and businesses.

“We anticipate that over time,” Mayor Jerry Merrill said. “Not only will we be able to connect all of these city assets and the county partners with us and other community partners, but we look forward to being able to bring fiber to every home in Rexburg.”

City officials say this new backbone will effectively sustain the city.

“You can use a bunch of different providers to deliver their services. 5-G types of things, smart parking meters, parking, a lot of telehealth type things in the home. I mean, really the sky’s the limit,” Smith mentioned.

City leaders plan to complete the project by November 2023.

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