Raiders News: NFL Network game theory predicts 4-0 start



It might only be week four, but the upcoming Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers the game already has a play-off type feel. The Raiders are currently tied for first place in AFC West at 3-0, and the Chargers are just one game behind them at 2-1.

With what is set to be a close division race throughout the season, these early inter-divisional clashes will play a big part in shaping the playoffs in January. In other words, consider Monday Night Football the first “up for grabs” game for Silver and Black.

The good news is NFL Network Cynthia frelund projects a 28-27 victory for the Raiders in Los Angeles.

For those who do not know, Frelund has developed a statistical model to make NFL Predictions using a mathematical concept called Game Theory, which evaluates all of the decisions and potential outcomes that might be made during a game to come up with a projection.

Frelund is 526-267-4 (66.3% win rate) on her projections since 2017, and she has 31-15 (67.4% win rate) in game selection this season. So that should give Raider fans a good boost of confidence before Monday night.

The analyst also predicts that Las Vegas will exceed by 54% the gap of +3.5 points currently set by DraftKings Sportsbook. For those wondering, his pattern has the Chiefs beating the Eagles 29-21 and the Broncos losing to the Ravens 24-21. It would make a good but not quite perfect weekend for the Raiders as they would be sitting alone at the top of the division, but of course a loss to Kansas City would be a nice icing on the cake.

The numbers are in favor of Silver and Black, so hopefully the game goes as planned.

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