Prepare to be popular when Mercury enters Aquarius


Let’s be social!

Mercury – the planet of spirit, communication and business – will turn your life upside down from January 2, 2022. It’s time to connect with friends, become a master of networking, and try your hand at being one. influencer!

Read here how your zodiac sign will be affected! For more information about Mercury in Aquarius, check out the information after the horoscopes.


You will be as popular as you can get, Aries! Many friends and acquaintances will contact you to get in touch with you and catch up with you. While you will certainly hear from people you never imagined contacting, you will also likely feel like your network and community is growing. Consider who you know and how these people can open the doors to your goals. A fabulous way to use this energy as well is to get active on social media or even get started in online dating!


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More career news is coming, Taurus! It will probably give you a boost of ideas and communication around important professional projects. New contracts or efforts will certainly emerge, but try to avoid the retrograde period as much as possible. Another way to use this energy is to redefine your important goals for the coming year or even to resurrect old projects that you previously put aside.


Gemini astrology zodiac
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Open your horizons, Gemini, you’ll want to change the pace! For some of you, it might cause you to focus on travel or distant shores. You could be making vacation plans – just don’t pull the trigger to buy anything during the retrograde phase. Finally, if you get involved in academic, international business or media projects, you will think with a new perspective.


Communication with your partners in business or in love will now be of crucial importance, Cancer. On the one hand, you might find that you connect better than ever, but you might also feel like you need to adjust some things about the way you interact. Your mind will also be very focused on your investments and assets, so take a look at them and see how you can make them grow.

LION (JULY 23 – AUG 22)

Wow ! It’s time to find common ground in your relationships, Leo! Connecting with others on a solid playing field will be important to you. It may be to discuss long-term plans together or to find the best place to meet during negotiations. Just plan ahead for a rough time or communication issue during the demotion, so be careful what you say.


Virgo zodiac astrology
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Your mind is haunting right now, Virgo – what awaits you for your job, your job, and your health? You have juggled so much in your daily routine that something may be wrong. While you are probably eating more on your plate, maybe now is the time to say where you are drawing your limits. However, streamlining your plans will come more easily now.


Libra zodiac astrology
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Bam! Romance and creativity consume your mind, Libra! As much as you’ll likely be thinking about work at the start of the year, your head is focused on having a good time. Libra singles will have a flurry of communication around their love life, while engaged people might focus on finding the spark with their partner, kids, or even wanting to have another one. Finally, if you fancy more time for hobbies and art, the universe has heard you and is responding now.


Scorpio Zodiac Astrology
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Home, household, and family are consuming a ton of your mental space right now, Scorpio. It might cause you to be more talkative with those around you when trying to solve important solution issues. However, if you have a lot to deal with in the real estate, moving, or upcoming renovation business, there might be some progress first – followed by a few hiccups – and finally, some progress once you get back to it. work.


Sagittarius zodiac astrology
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Your mind is on fire, Sagittarius, and you want to broadcast your thoughts all over the world! You will feel more active and spontaneous than usual, especially when it comes to expressing your ideas and opinions. Many Sagittarians will be very busy with contractual, academic, marketing, or communications projects during this time. Go update this CV or launch your website!


Capricorn Zodiac Astrology
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Capricorn, finances are slowly rising in your consciousness, and you are very concerned about making that big nest egg even bigger! What you own, how you manage your money and your budget for the coming year will be things you will assess. Although you might feel like you have all the answers at first, you will find that you need to recalculate something before you burn it. Finally, if you are unemployed and looking for a new job or a client, the stars are supporting you!


Aquarius astrology zodiac
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It’s time to say what on your mind, Aquarius! Good, for the most part. When Mercury is strong and awake in your zodiac sign, you will have unparalleled mental clarity, vision, and charm. Important contracts and communication projects are also likely to be very important to you now. Um, though, there’s also this silly retrograde phase that’s going to happen in your zodiac sign. When it does, you’ll feel like everything is braking and confusion reigns everywhere you come back. Accept delays as opportunities to revise your strategy.


Whoa – your dreams are going to be off the charts, Pisces! It bodes well for you to reflect, daydream, and reflect on your personal and professional goals for the coming year. Don’t rush – be open to synchronicities and messages from the universe. If you feel like something is the right way to go, you are probably right. If you feel like something is too good to be true, it probably is. Also, beware that some secrets – from you or someone else – might suddenly appear in the light around this time.

How will Mercury in Aquarius affect us?

It’s time to think outside the box! Mercury is the planet of spirit, business, and communication, and when it dances through the Air sign of Aquarius, we become very focused on forming our own opinions. While we are very interested in dialoguing and connecting with others, ultimately we will want to find out how our own independent thoughts have power and value. However, once we have formed our strong opinions, we can become inherently rigid and stubborn in our ideas rather than being open to change.

Aquarius is known to be a progressive, forward-looking zodiac sign, so many will feel consider unique strategies for building relationships with others and solving their goals. This zodiac sign also reigns technology and social mediaSo the focus will be on that during this time, whether it’s discovering some cool new gadgets, building our LinkedIn network, or trying out TikTok for the first time. Finding like-minded people to engage with will be especially important.

When it comes to our interactions and communication, Mercury in Aquarius will make us more friendly, social, and optimistic. However, all of our mental energy will be focused on logic and clarity without being emotional. Feelings? Who needs it? If that doesn’t make sense, we’ll be more likely to block someone and go about our business.

Mercury will retrograde in January 2022, and during that time it will leave Aquarius to return to Capricorn. However, during its backward spiral in this Air sign, we will be quite confused as to how we connect to others in our networks – especially casual friends and acquaintances. It wouldn’t be wise to make bold or ridiculous statements on social media, as the culture of cancellation will be especially strong during this time. People will be eager to come together to bring down those they deem awful. Many people will suddenly hear from old friends and realize that they want to reconnect during this time – or that a friend who made a hopeful promise before cannot keep. Don’t insist on it. This too should pass. By mid-February, life is expected to resume its course.

Mercury will retrograde in January 2022.
Mercury will retrograde in January 2022.

Are there any important dates to look out for during Mercury’s dance through Aquarius?

  • Mercury will enter Aquarius from January 2 to 25, 2022.
  • He will return from February 14 to March 9, 2022.

Here are some important days to watch!

  • January 23, 2022: Mercury unites with the sun. A clear day of breakthroughs and achievements. You will feel calm in the retrograde storm of Mercury! Schedule an important meeting or send a message that says you want to build strength in yourself.
  • Feb. February 24, 2022: Mercury’s post-shadow ends. This means that life is officially back to full swing! Hooray!
  • Feb. February 24, 2022: Mercury collides with Uranus. Raw! It means shocking news and depleted energy will fill your day. Try to relax and unwind rather than being impulsive. Get off the beaten track.
  • March 2, 2022: Mercury kisses Saturn. Your mind will be focused on being practical and realistic. On the bright side, it can inspire you to get down to business and make long term plans. On the other hand, you might be feeling a bit gloomy and pessimistic.

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