Pokemon BDSP Online Battles Guide


In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, although there are many adventures to go through and you fight with NPCs, you can also duel and interact with other real players. In this guide, we will show you how to participate in Pokemon BDSP online battles.

Pokemon BDSP Online Battles

To play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl online, you will need to access the Union room.

To unlock access to the Union Room, you’ll need to beat Roark to get your first Gym Badge. Roark is located in the City of Oreburgh Gymnasium.

After unlocking the Union Room. You can access it at any time by pressing the ‘Y’ key. Here you can choose to participate in battles with other players or trade Pokémon in BDSP!

Union room explained

Union Room is the menu from which you can choose whether you want to play in the Local Room or the Global Room. Local Room uses local network communication to connect with nearby friends or players.

While the Global Room uses an internet connection to connect with players around the world.

Like all other Nintendo games, to use the online multiplayer features, you must have a Nintendo Switch online membership.

Players who are ready to fight in Union Rooms will have a speech bubble with two conflicting Pokeballs above their avatars.

Interact with a player who has this speech bubble above them to start a duel. Only one of the two players must choose Battle.


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