Overwatch Halloween 2021 Release Date and Time


Overwatch has announced the release date and time for its Halloween Terror 2021 event. The game is now available on all major platforms. Until November, you only have a limited time to participate. Expect new skins, challenges, and great cosmetics. Read on as we detail the Overwatch Halloween Terror event.

Overwatch Halloween 2021 Release Date & Time – Terror Event

The event started on Tuesday, October 12. It’s unclear if any major balancing or character updates have been done. However, there are plenty of other spooky goodies, from game modes to skins, on offer.

Overwatch 2021 Halloween Terror Event Rewards

One of the biggest attractions is the return of Dr. Junkenstein’s limited-time modes. These have been favorites from previous Overwatch events. In particular, Junkenstein’s Revenge is making a comeback. In this, you have to team up with three other players to take on Junkenstein, Summoner, Reaper and Nature Witch.

The other game mode, Junkstein’s Endless, takes a different approach. In this you have to defend Adlersbrunn from waves of terrifying monsters. Can you hold out or will you fall into the hands of Junkenstein’s minions?

Playing can get you special Halloween Terror loot boxes. Many new cosmetic products are also available for the event. Vampire Hunter Brigitte makes an entrance, Vampire Bat Echo takes flight and Coffin Bastion emerges from the grave. All of this can make you the scariest player in Overwatch.

Weekly challenges are also available and you can play to win. The first week runs from October 12 to 19. You can get Skeleton Genji Player Icon, Spray, and Epic Skin depending on how many games you play. In the second week, you will get an Einherjar Zarya player icon for every nine games played. Do more and you’ll get an epic spray and peel.

The Clown Roadhog set is one of the coolest items in the Overwatch 2021 Halloween terror event. From October 26 to November 2, you can get icons, sprays, and skins. All you have to do is keep playing!

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