Otsego Career Access Network Brings Retired Educator

“We want to break down those barriers and provide those educational opportunities for students.” -Brian Pearson

About 85% top 50 “hot jobs” in the state require additional training beyond high school. And a group in Otsego County wants to help its residents find those jobs.

The Otsego Career Access Network, or OCAN, wants to connect people with advanced education opportunities. And the new coordinator is the retired Superintendent of Gaylord Schools.

Brian Pearson says that OCAN “works with employers, we work with K-12 schools, with non-profit organizations, with institutions of higher education. To break down all these barriers and meet the student where he is so that he has access to these jobs.

Kirtland Community College OcanPearson says there is a statewide goal that 60% of the population will have some type of transferable certificate or associate’s degree by 2030. “Right now, that percentage is around the mid-40s. For Otsego County, that percentage is 33%,” says Pearson.

He says the list of hot jobs includes things like accounting and teaching, and industries that might come to mind – like manufacturing and skilled trades. But he says there is a wide range of options. “There is a huge shortage of truckers right now. Physiotherapy assistants, massage therapists. There are plenty – pretty much, you can take whatever interests you have and match them to one of these 50 hot jobs.

OCAN is working with the Otsego Community Foundation to provide these opportunities to residents in the coming months. For more information, Click here.

For details on similar career access networks in other communities across the state, Click here.

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