OPPO Joins Ericsson to Showcase Updated Communications Lab



OPPO recently revealed the secret to several of its 5G technologies – the OPOO Communications Lab – which was recently upgraded in partnership with Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of communications technology and services, according to a press release.

Thanks to the recently upgraded communications lab, OPPO is now able to fully realize the entire 5G research and development process, from the underlying RF front-end to software protocol updates, tuning and regional tests. The advanced communications lab will ensure that OPPO smartphones are among the first to implement many of the latest 5G technologies.

The recently upgraded OPPO Communication Lab contains three main modules: Radio Frequency Lab, Protocol Lab, and Network Simulation Lab. The Network Simulation Lab is a collaboration between OPPO and Ericsson, while the Protocol Lab is jointly established by OPPO and leading test technology provider Keysight.

Chris Shu, Vice President and General Manager of the Center for Product Strategy Planning and Cooperation, OPPO, said, “The upgraded OPPO Communications Lab is a new milestone in OPPO’s 5G efforts and represents a new level of close cooperation with the world’s leading technology companies. . With the rapid evolution of global 5G technology, we are delighted to partner with Ericsson and Keysight to leverage our experience of 5G standards, products and applications to enhance the 5G ecosystem around the world ”.

Egnus Ewerbring, Vice President and CTO of Ericsson Asia Pacific, said: “The continued collaboration between OPPO and Ericsson will bring more technologies and products to drive demand and market direction for 5G, as well as to optimize the 5G network experience for the end user. As a leader in the global 5G market, Ericsson looks forward to working with industry partners to create a 5G ecosystem and drive innovation to unlock the full potential of 5G technology. ‘

Cao Peng, vice president and general manager of Keysight’s wireless test group, said, “Reliability testing is mandatory before launching competitive commercial products into the market. The Protocol Lab and the RF Lab are a critical step for Keysight and OPPO on 5G. ‘

The Network Simulation Lab, which faithfully reflects real city communication networks, can simulate 4G / 5G networks of different operators and provide communication services for up to 10,000 devices.

In addition to the Network Simulation Lab, the OPPO Communication Lab also includes a Radio Frequency Lab and a Protocol Lab. Radio Frequency Lab will perform extensive testing to ensure that devices can make stable connections in these varied environments. The Protocol Lab, on the other hand, helps technicians to conduct research on power consumption, regression testing and joint testing of new features, thus helping to drive innovation from different approaches.

Thanks to its strengths in scientific research and the support of its global industrial partners, OPPO has achieved many milestones in 5G around the world. OPPO will continue to increase its R&D in the areas of advanced technology, partner with other industry leaders such as Ericsson, facilitate the development of 5G and continue to exploit the possibilities of 5G as that it is leading the industry into the age of the Internet of experience.


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