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Service ambulancier acadien: Improving emergency response for a leader in emergency medicine

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Acadian’s sprawling footprint poses many communication and management challenges for first responders. For years, Acadian relied on a private analog radio network to communicate with units in the field. But as the company grew and deployed increasingly sophisticated and bandwidth-intensive on-board dispatch systems and medical devices, Acadian needed a mobile communications solution with the capabilities and increased reliability. Dispatches and emergency communications often took two minutes to be received. This delay has slowed responses, hampered operations and limited Acadian’s ability to deploy the latest technologies in its fleet. Acadian needed a unique mobile network solution that would: 1) Use the best wireless network available in a given area. 2) Deployment of the latest dispatch, communication, management and patient care technologies. 3) Confidence that communications equipment would withstand the rigors of emergency services and disaster response. 4) Easy on-board technology upgrades.

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