New Partnership Fuels Family-Centered Discipleship

International (MNN) – One of the largest groups of unreached people in the world may be right under our noses – literally. There are approximately 2.2 billion children all over the world, and most of them live in developing countries.

Occasionally, children are the gateway to reaching entire families for Christ. Children meet Jesus at Vacation Bible School or a similar program, and their testimonies lead parents to the Lord.

In other countries, such as those ruled by a majority religion, parents may know the Lord, but they do not know how to reach their children.

“[For example], Muslim believers in many of these areas do not have the tools to disciple their children or introduce Christ to their children,” Greg Yoder of Keys for Children’s Ministries said.

“We want to make sure that keys for children and Unblocked, our teen devotional, is available and ready for them in their language.

By joining the Alliance for the excluded, Keys for Kids Ministries can provide believers around the world with tools and resources for family outreach. Likewise, Christian ministries can partner with Keys for Kids to complement existing programs.

(Photo courtesy of Keys For Kids)

“We view our devotions for children and adolescents as tools for discipleship. It becomes part of what these ministries are (already) doing,” Yoder says.

“We are available in six languages: Arabic, Albanian, Macedonian, Greek, Spanish and Nepali. There are many first generation Christians in many of these nations.

Pray that this partnership will fuel transformation in unreached communities.

“We hope that many organizations will turn to us [and] our partners to help them ignite a passion for Christ in their children, teens, and families,” says Yoder.

“We hope this will become a synergistic hub for families in unreached parts of the world.”

Header image courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries.

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