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Caledonia – Parents, families and members of the Caledonian community can now access school news and information at their fingertips.

The new Caledonia Community Schools app is designed to help students, parents and staff stay connected with calendars, extracurricular updates, access to grades and more.

Superintendent Dr Dedrick Martin said the app would be a “one-stop-shop” for families to get reliable information directly from the district.

“Parents can check their children’s grades, the lunch menu and anything we send in emails is sent right to their phones,” Martin said. “This is the next evolution of our organizational consistency goals in our strategic plan. “

One of Martin’s goals from “day one” in the district was to improve overall communication between schools and the community.

“When I became director, communication was one of the issues identified by the board and the community, getting wrong information or wrong information on social media,” Martin said. “We listened to community focus groups a few years ago and our long term goal is for a parent to receive news and communications from their child’s school, right on their phone.

Through the app, users can subscribe to their students’ school and receive direct notifications, in addition to district-wide news from newsletters and Facebook.

Martin assured parents that the app will serve as a complement to current communication methods, such as website, emails and Facebook.

After the app went live for download on September 10, Martin said he received “phenomenal feedback” from the community.

According to neighborhood website, “The app works wherever you go – on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and tablets, and you can receive notifications on your Chromebook or using a computer’s web browser.”

You can find download instructions, tutorials, and other support resources for the apps on the new website.

“The design of the app was created to sync with our more user-friendly website,” Martin added. “I would like to thank our technical team and our communications coordinator. We needed people with the time and energy to make our idea a reality. The “Caledonia Community Schools” application can be downloaded from the App Store Where google play.


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