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With how hard the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled this NBA season, there will likely be a lot of changes coming this offseason. Rob Pelinka, the general manager responsible for the roster, could find himself out of a job as the Lakers are far from a fight this season.

When a team is in trouble, the head coach is normally one of the first people to go as well. That will likely be the case with the Lakers, as head coach Frank Vogel has been in the hot seat for most of the season.

He would have coached for his nightly job earlier in the season, but it looks like he will finish the campaign.

However, barring an unexpected playoff run, it is widely believed that Vogel will be fired at the end of the season.

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He will quickly become one of the best head coaches available, which is normally not an ideal situation. you don’t want to fire a person and then have that person become the most sought-after commodity on the market.

Vogel led the team to a title in the Orlando bubble in 2020, but they haven’t always found the same level of success since. Injuries have been a big reason for this and there’s not much a head coach can do to overcome them, especially when it’s stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis who miss games.

LATEST NBA NEWS AND TRADE RUMOURS: This Lakers-Magic trade stars Anthony Davis

Alas, it looks like Vogel will be one of the scapegoats this season unless a miraculous turnaround happens in the next few weeks. Los Angeles will likely be looking for a new head coach soon after the end of its season.

Who could they turn to to replace Vogel? Here are three intriguing candidates to become the next head coach to replace Vogel.

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