Modernize your data center for better power availability and more uptime


Almost everything we do, from buying coffee at work to meeting virtual friends, relies on a data center somewhere somewhere to access and store information. So what would the cost be if this data center were not available?

According to the 11th Annual Uptime Institute Data Center Survey1, 62% of data center outages cost server farm owners and operators between $ 100,000 and $ 1 million. Not only does downtime have a financial consequence, it also causes significant damage to reputation. Major gaming, e-commerce, and financial brokers also note that even milliseconds of latency can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue. This is why the availability and availability of power are critical markers for data center operators. In this context, the difference between two hours and two seconds off is clear.

Another key finding from the survey also found that onsite power outages remain the main source of downtime for data centers, and that 79% of those surveyed said their most recent outage was preventable. . Modernizing your data center power management can help you improve your power availability, as well as the energy performance and resiliency of your facility. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Power solutions allow you to manage alarms, maintain availability and verify physical infrastructure equipment, whether you are on-site or remotely, giving you visibility into critical issues, so you can ‘they can be rectified before a failure occurs.

Modernizing power management for improved uptime

To maximize the value of your data center over its entire lifecycle, there are many areas where modernization can take place. Some of them include spare parts management, equipment upgrades or replacement, specialized training and maintenance plans. Of all these options, optimizing power management for availability is one of the biggest returns on your investment.

Digitizing an aging infrastructure and using the latest power management software tools will help you identify and manage inefficiencies in your data center infrastructure. It can also support predictive maintenance practices, so you’ll be better equipped to plan for maintenance before an unexpected outage occurs.

A modern power management system will integrate all connected devices into the electricity distribution network. The EcoStruxure power management system is designed to uncover opportunities for safety, reliability, energy performance, capacity management and balanced utilization of the electrical infrastructure. Smart devices, such as Schneider Electric’s MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers, provide IoT connectivity for control and monitoring, while helping you restore power in the event of a fault. MasterPact MTZ also has smart selectivity, so if a fault condition occurs on a circuit, only the circuit breaker closest to the fault will trip. Circuit breakers upstream of the tripped circuit breaker are not affected and power remains available for all other circuits and loads, thus minimizing the impact on operations. Advanced triggers can also provide electrical data with high accuracy that can be used for the calculation of power use efficiency (PUE), a key indicator of data center performance.

Likewise, PowerLogic energy meters and Easergy protection relays are connected products which, when integrated with the EcoStruxure power management system, provide real-time monitoring and alarms, supporting predictive maintenance planning to improve uptime. They can quickly reveal power quality issues, such as high harmonics or voltage dips, or other types of faults, while diagnostic tools help facility teams determine root causes before they occur. ‘they cannot cause a failure. In addition to causing unexpected equipment shutdowns, poor power quality can lead to data loss, circuit board failures, network communication problems, and abnormalities in lights, transformers, controllers, and more. engines.

For additional alerts and monitoring, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor offers a proactive approach to power distribution and critical data center assets. Combining IoT and cloud-based technologies with Schneider Electric experts and services for business continuity, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor services provide the ability to anticipate and resolve issues before they become critical incidents. This helps data center managers avoid unplanned downtime, operational losses, and costly maintenance interventions.

Maintain uptime with a power management system

Once in place, an EcoStruxure power management system will help your installation team:

  • Increase the availability of energy. By proactively identifying oversubscribed capacity, compromised computer branch circuits, and equipment maintenance needs, a power management system can help your installation team alleviate areas of stress on your system. Setting up alarms for power disruption events also means your team can respond more quickly to issues, then perform rapid root cause analysis to isolate and resolve issues before they cause downtime. stop.
  • Improve the efficiency of maintenance activities. Running a proactive maintenance program means your team can more safely optimize the charging of critical power distribution equipment without compromising reliability.
  • Improve the efficiency of energy distribution. Track real-time and historical energy efficiency down to the rack level, in accordance with Green Grid standards, to help customers meet their sustainability goals and reduce your facility’s PUE. Analyze electrical system losses and identify loads that should be taken out of service or replaced with more efficient alternatives.
  • Integration with other building management systems and products. Unify your management of power, HVAC, lighting and fire safety throughout the building with EcoStruxure architecture. You can also integrate EcoStruxure software with additional systems such as weather services and utility tariffs to ensure you are as efficient as possible.

Improving the uptime and uptime of your power supply through enhanced digital systems enables your staff to guard against costly outages and keep your customers happy and online. Schneider Electric offers a suite of data center products and solutions across its EcoStruxure portfolio. For more information, visit the Schneider Electric website at


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