Mobileum and Digis Squared to provide end-to-end network testing and analytics

Mobileum and Digis Squared, a market leader in network services and AI-assisted tools, announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership to bring to market a comprehensive set of network testing and cognitive optimization solutions.

This collaboration brings together Digis Squared’s deep expertise in developing cognitive tools to automate and analyze radio and end-to-end network performance, and optimize networks and capacity management to benefit the customer experience, and Mobileum, whose highly scalable and flexible telecom analytics portfolio enables operators to improve business performance, monitor customer experience and access new monetization opportunities.

Mobileum’s Active Intelligence Platform delivers the actionable insights today’s communications service providers need to unleash the power of 5G and next-generation networks. Powering Mobileum’s roaming and network services, risk management, testing and monitoring, and customer engagement and experience solutions, the Active Intelligence Platform offers the advanced analytics capabilities, AI/ML and DPI that operators need to improve customer experience, increase revenue and reduce costs. , reduce losses and streamline operations.

The Digis Squared INOS solution provides single site verification, network benchmarking and optimization capabilities and is fully configurable live in the field. Fully customizable reports are delivered within 15 minutes of receiving data, with access to 200 different network KPIs, network quality of service and customer quality of experience analysis. In addition to 5G analysis, Digis Squared’s OpenRAN is attracting considerable interest

as optimization, interoperability testing, and benchmarking with legacy systems begin to shift from PoCs to commercial deployment.

Ron Haberman, Mobileum Product Manager
Finding meaning in data is what we do. Mobileum’s Active Intelligence Platform enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to connect deep network and operational intelligence to real-time actions to increase revenue, improve customer experience, reduce costs and streamline operations . The partnership with Digis Squared expands the end-to-end network testing, optimization, planning and management capabilities we can offer.

Abdel Rahman Fady, technical director of Digis Squared
Digis Squared is pleased to partner with Mobileum to provide a more comprehensive testing solution on legacy 2G and 3G technologies through 4G to 5G, private networks and OpenRAN. With 5G, IoT, and OpenRAN deployments already underway, this new ecosystem will see CSPs working with a distributed value chain of stakeholders and information silos that require a new approach to monitoring digital risk and analyzing data. AI tools that can quickly identify issues and automatically resolve known issues will be critical to keeping the highly complex, multi-technology, multi-vendor systems that CSPs rely on today running smoothly.

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