Migration of existing systems to the fiber network is at the heart of Telkom’s planning for the 2021 local elections. – SABC News


Over 180,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables have been tested, activated and connected by Telkom / BCX over the past 3 months to help the Independent Election Commission (IEC) with the communications technologies needed to capture, process and verify information vote in the 2021 Local government elections.

Stanley Vhulahani, senior project manager for Telkom / BCX, said much of the project involved migrating legacy systems to the next generation network, as well as upgrading over 100 lines to connect in a way transparent to the ecosystem.

“There was a massive overhaul to ensure that we migrated existing voice lines to Voice Over IP technology,” said Vhulahani. He pointed out that communication technologies in the 2021 local elections will be handled almost exclusively by VOIP technology, although there are still a few places that need to use legacy systems for practical reasons.

“Our planning was somewhat caught off guard by legal challenges and we had to speed up efforts in some places, but we have been able to test now for over 2 weeks, so we are confident our systems are stable,” says Vhulahani . .

In addition to the extensive fiber-optic cable network covering land and mobile links to over 23,000 constituencies across South Africa, Telkom / BCX has also activated around 60 satellites and 250 technicians to support communications technologies. during the voting and reporting period. In total, nearly 5,000 working hours were spent planning, testing and implementing the communications systems.

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