Is podcasting right for your business?

Have you ever considered how much time you spent giving the same advice to people? What if you could capture that in a “bottle” and reuse it? You can in a podcast.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio-only episodic series that features one or more hosts talking about a particular topic. No video is needed unless you want it. This alone can make you more inclined to take advantage of this technology.

Why start a podcast?

There are lots of reasons to start a podcast. The main reasons are to share information, generate brand awareness, build credibility as an expert in your industry niche, and increase your network reach.

What would I talk about?

The beauty of a podcast is that you don’t have to do all the talking. You can invite guest speakers to share their insights and knowledge on a topic, trend, case study, etc. Here are some ideas to help you create a topic list.

  • Industry trends
  • Hot topics
  • Common Questions Customers Ask
  • Pain points within an industry
  • Customer experiences
  • Best Practices
  • Summary of a new regulation

The list is lengthened increasingly. It is only limited by your imagination.

How to start a podcast?

Forbes has laid out a five-step process for starting a podcast. Although the steps seem quite simple, they go into great detail about each of these steps in their post.

  1. Define your niche or topics.
  2. Build your brand and online presence by naming your podcast.
  3. Source recording equipment and editing software.
  4. Record and edit the first podcast.
  5. Promote the podcast.

Do I need special podcast software?

Generally, no. But if you want a quality podcast, the answer is yes. Fortunately, there is podcast software available. In a recent forum, several members of the Association for Accounting Marketing claimed that, Branch Out, Squadcast, Zoom, Zencaster, and Anchor were among their favorites.

Does anyone else do this?

Doing a quick Google search using “accounting firm podcasts” I was able to find 51 accounting-related podcasts with titles like Pulse of the Practice, Sons of CPAs, Blood Sweat & Balance Sheets, The Abundant Accounting, Taxgirl Podcast, etc. . Search to see what’s there; maybe you already listen to some of them.

Is it just another bad time?

You might feel like this is just another task on your already overflowing to-do list. And it will be if you go into it without a strategy. To maximize your efforts, I recommend posting the script to your blog with a link to the podcast.

Slam Agency writes that less than 20% of podcasts last more than a year. What can you do to not fail in this initiative?

  • Stay focused on connecting your brand’s goal to your customer’s goal. If it is irrelevant, failure will ensue.
  • Create a good quality recording. Keep in mind that you’re just getting started, so interview successful podcasters to find out what you should be doing.
  • Stay consistent. Podcasts take time, preparation, and consistency.
  • Plan to deliver your podcast where your customers are so they can easily find it.

10 tips for success has shared over 20 podcast tips for success, including these ten favorites:

  1. Start with the what. What is it about. How to get the message across. Why is this important.
  2. Consider the how, including style, structure and tone.
  3. Ask yourself why are you doing this? Think beyond a side hustle or sponsorship dollars. Instead, set a deeper goal or purpose.
  4. Know your target audience, including their age, business interests, employment level, geography, and goals.
  5. Define the value you bring to your audience’s life.
  6. Decide on the length of each episode.
  7. Organize your workflow, including plan, research, book guest speakers, register, edit, and upload.
  8. Stick to a consistent posting schedule.
  9. Find guests you really want to talk to (and people your audience will enjoy).
  10. Produce in batches to save time, increase efficiency, and avoid missing scheduling dates.

If you want to start a podcast, work with a qualified podcast agency or marketing professional to help you launch the initiative. After all, 424 million podcast listeners can’t be wrong.

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