Huskers win series with 5-3 win over Jayhawks

The Nebraska softball team (8-5) won the series against Kansas (7-6) with a 5-3 win over the Jayhawks on Monday afternoon.

Sophomore home runs Billie Andrews and Sydney Gray sparked Nebraska’s offense accounting for three of five points. RBI strikes from Mya Felder and Olivia Ferrell helped secure the Huskers victory.

In the circle, Olivia Ferrell (3-2) recorded the victory, pitching 5.1 innings, striking out three and allowing five hits. Courtney Wallace won the stoppage, pitching 1.2 innings and allowing three hits.

For the Jayhawks, Olivia Bruno (2-1) recorded the loss. Bruno pitched a 5.0 inning, allowing six hits and three runs.

The Huskers put the runners in scoring position early in the second inning, but couldn’t capitalize on it. Mya Felder started with a single right field. Olivia Ferrell followed by a pop up for the first out of the round. Abbie Squier was walked, moving Felder to second. Courtney Wallace hit a single through the left side to load the bases. Anni Raley reached on the choice of a defender, however, Felder was at home. Brooke Andrews finished the inning with the bases loaded after a steal to left field.

The Jayhawks came first on the board late in the second inning. Lyric Moore started for KU with a triple to right center field. Savanna DesRochers followed with a single down the middle, scoring Moore to put the Jayhawks up, 1-0. Cheyenne Hornbuckle reached a defenseman’s pick, but the Huskers were able to record the first out on second. Haleigh Harper made a sacrifice to put Hornbuckle in second, but Shayna Espy couldn’t take advantage of a runner in scoring position, appearing for third out of the inning. Kansas entered the third inning ahead, 1-0.

Billie Andrews made it a tied game with a first homer over the left field fence in the top of the third inning. Cam Ybarra followed by a fly out during Sydney Gray grounded. With two withdrawals, Mya Felder hit a single down the left field line, but Olivia Ferrell was unable to capitalize, appearing to end the inning. The Huskers entered the bottom of the third inning tied at 1-1.

NU extended their lead early in the fifth inning. Brooke Andrews started the inning with a hard hit to shortstop. Billie Andrews followed by a sacrificial bunt to move Brooke Andrews to the second. Ybarra batted for the second out of the inning. Sydney Gray smashed the ball over the center field fence for a two-run homer, putting the Huskers ahead 3-1. Felder ended the inning with a ground fly to second base.

Kansas responded late in the sixth. Ashlyn Anderson started, fouling. Shelby Gayre homered over the left field fence to make it 3-2. Courtney Wallace walked in for Ferrell in the circle with no one on base and one out. Bruno retired at first base for the second out of the inning. Moore arrived on base with a single to right field while DesRochers put Moore in scoring position with a hard-hit single to the left side of the field. Hornbuckle failed Wallace to end the round. NU entered the final set ahead, 3-2.

The Big Red added two more in the top of the seventh. Billie Andrews reached first on a field single and moved to second when Cam Ybarra had a hard hit single at second base. Sydney Gray was browsed to load the bases. Mya Felder grounded, adding an RBI and scoring Billie Andrews. Olivia Ferrell followed by a miss, but scoring Bredwell (who was running at the pincers for Ybarra) for another RBI. Squier struck, but the Huskers came in late seventh in front, 5-2.

The Jayhawks got into scoring position after a walk and a passed ball but Harper was second. Shayna Espy walked to put two runners in but Macy Omli dug in on a double play. With Harper down third, Anderson hit a double to right center field, scoring Harper. Gayre appeared to end the match. NU took the win, 5-3.

The Huskers return this Friday, March 4 at Bowlin Stadium in Lincoln, Neb., against Wichita State. The game is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. and will be broadcast live on the Huskers Radio Network with the call from Nate Rohr and Mattie Fowler Burkhardt. Tickets are available at

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