How Spike Boosts Productivity With Its Conversational Messaging Platform

As digital transformation accelerates rapidly, businesses still face challenges such as siled communication, which often makes collaborative team efforts nearly impossible. A 2019 report from Forrester found that while marketing and business intelligence teams often communicate, the two groups do not do so effectively because they are often both siled. This report is three years old, but not much has changed since then. Today, many organizations are still swimming in vast lakes of data that often have silos. This can often lead to an ever more complex path to improving organizational productivity, improving customer experience, and achieving incredible returns on investment.

As the quest for a true digitally transformed enterprise ecosystem continues, experts note that organizations that want to drive a true digital transformation agenda must stop working in silos. To meet ever-changing business demands, companies keep adding new tools to meet their needs, until they can no longer keep up with the sprawl they have. This is where Israel-based productivity startup Spike – which claims to offer the “first collaborative messaging platform that helps teams of all sizes connect, create and collaborate to accomplish more” – wants to change things. .

Co-founded by Dvir Ben Aroya (CEO) and Erez Pilosof (CTO) in 2014, Spike offers a conversational messaging platform that allows teams to interact and communicate more effectively through its prioritization and organization features.

Aroya told VentureBeat in an interview that Spike’s cross-platform technology was built on a messaging protocol that allows it to provide a complete messaging experience for the business needs of individuals and teams, all on a single platform. .

Whether for internal or external conversations, Aroya said, email remains the world’s most popular form of communication, but the problem is that organizations are often spread across multiple tools, negatively impacting the communication and productivity. He says Spike’s offering helps businesses save money, while unifying communications in one place. It lets users do anything right from their inbox, including communicate, organize, schedule, share notes and projects, video conference, and monitor schedules.

Unifying communications is a top priority

According to Aroya, one of the most compelling trends Spike has seen in the business landscape is that more businesses and individuals are looking for alternatives that will unify their communications solutions. Additionally, he said people are looking for a modern and natural real-time communication experience.

For example, Aroya noted that what sets the company apart is its priority organization. Spike’s Priority Inbox removes distractions, allowing teams to focus and be more productive. Priority messages are displayed first, while less essential communications are relegated to the side to reduce clutter. With the platform’s “super search” feature, users can save time by not having to wade through threads to get the information they need. To see all the files a user has ever sent to someone, all they need to do is click on the contact, Aroya noted, adding that Spike’s file management helps users view files without downloading them. which saves time.

Aroya further stated that Spike completely eliminates the idea of ​​chat threads and groups emails by contact to make it easier to discover what users are looking for, displaying chats as one continuous online message between “partners of conversation”.

Platform features work with a Spike user’s contacts even if that contact themselves don’t also use Spike, but Gmail, for example. The Spike user can still quickly view and manage files while chatting with someone outside their organization.

Beyond a messaging platform

Spike’s competitors include Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (in email clients) as well as Slack, Discord and others (in email), Pilosof added that Spike is more than a platform messaging.

According to Pilosof, “Spike leads the market in offering both messaging client experience and chat functionality in a single platform, along with many additional integrated tools such as meetings and video calls, notes collaborations, a calendar, etc. “.

For upcoming events, unfinished projects, or various social media channels, Pilosof said, users can also create a group chat in Spike for more effective communication. He added that Spike’s unique features are why many Gen Z users flock to the platform, making it famous on social media sites.

Pilosof further said that Spike also offers various customization options, so that customers can use the platform in the way that suits them best, adding that companies looking for a more flexible communication channel have started to customize the platform. Brands that trust Spike include Philips, Zoom, Zillow, Sephora, Shopify, Fiverr and many more. The platform offers a free version, a pro plan ($5 per user/month billed annually), a business plan ($10 per user/month billed annually), and a custom option for large enterprises.

Aroya said Spike envisions a world where people can conduct all their business and communications through a single app. Spike has raised $30 million in total funding to date, with its latest funding round of $15 million, led by Insight Partners with participation from Mozilla Corp, coming in the third quarter of 2021. The company currently has 35 employees and plans to double that number. number over the next year to support the scale and demand for its services.

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