Home care provider BrightStar Care is ready to align with a larger network

For some time now, homecare giant BrightStar Care has gone beyond the standard franchise model.

He introduced senior communities into his network to help seniors with their care transitions while maintaining those clients. Recently, he launched his new “nursing homes”, a variation of these communities for the elderly. BrightStar has also always had its medical staff segment.

But there could be more on the horizon – a lot more.

“I’ll still be with this brand 10 years from now, whether I’m sitting at home making all the decisions or being an employee within a larger ecosystem,” said Shelly Sun, CEO and Founder of BrightStar Care. . Health care news. “I think over the next three to five years we will see this opportunity to align within a payer, with a hospital network, with a Medicare home care organization. We will need it, because I think we need to get closer to the government funding model.

Sun also said it was also possible for BrightStar Care to be the acquirer of a home health agency or other entities.

HHCN is pleased to share the recording and highlights of our HHCN+ TALKS conversation with Sun. Read on to learn more about:

– Why BrightStar Care wants to align with a larger network in the near future, or acquire to become that larger network itself

– Why Sun sees Medicare Advantage plans as imperative partners right now, regardless of pay rates

– How the company has handled personnel issues and why its original philosophy has served it well in this area

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