GRCF Beauty contest 0-7 years old

The Green River Catfish Festival competitions for children ages zero to seven on Saturday morning at ETCT Building 0. Fifty-six participants competed. Event sponsors include Tiffany’s Tanning and Boutique, Laurie Keen Photography, Bratcher Foral & Gifts and Becky Hankins.

Winners included:

0-6 months Girls

2nd runner-up: Emma Ryan Flener, daughter of Keston and Laura Flener of Morgantown.

1st runner-up Phebe Travis, daughter of Makayla and Daniel Travis of Morgantown

Winner: Leia McGranahan, daughter of Laura and Tony McGranahan of Roundhill.

0-6 months Boys

2n/a second: Ellis Weathers, son of Easton and Leigh Weathers of Morgantown and Colt Harris, son of Justin and Briann Harris of Morgantown

1st second: Paxton Crue Petett, son of Parker and Alexis Petett or Morgantown

Winner: Kole Thomas Howard, son of Jade White and Russell Howard of Morgantown

7-12 months Girls

2n/a runner-up: McKinley Grace Logsdon, daughter of Madeline and Dylan Logsdon of Rochester

1st runner-up: Kendall Taylor, daughter of Kayla and Brent Taylor of Upton, Ky

Winner: Emory Gwen Dudson, daughter of Auriel Celeste Givens and Christopher M. Dudson of Bowling Green

7-12 months Boys

2n/a second: Taysom Corey Carroll, son of Dawson Carroll and Starr Lawrence of Morgantown and Holden Ridge Blandford, son of Will and Hannah Blandford of Morgantown

1st runner-up: Jackson Robert Gilpin, son of Chelsea and Josh Gilpin of Morgantown

Winner: Haygen Snodgrass, son of Erica Bratcher and Justin Snodgrass of Morgantown

13-18 months Girls

1st runner-up: Layni Shavers, daughter of Casey and Caitlynn of Bowling Green

Winner: Sutton Faye Jenkins, daughter of Nick Jenkins and Erin Jenkins of Lewisburg

19-23 months Girls

2n/a runner-up: Hayzlee Proctor, daughter of Star and Drew Proctor of Morgantown

1st runner-up: Willow Lyne Rose West, daughter of Austin and Olivia West of Morgantown

Winner: Sylvia Burden, daughter of Casey and Felicia Burden of Morgantown

two year old girls

2n/a runner-up: Korie Shea Hampton, daughter of Kristen and Willie Hampton of Big Clifty, KY

1st runner-up: Elizabeth James Sipes, daughter of Bryan and Molly Sipes of Bowling Green

Winner: Millie Kate Weathers, daughter of Easton and Leigh Weathers of Morgantown

three year old girls

2n/a runner-up: Eva Overstreet, daughter of Cole and Sasha Overstreet of Morgantown

1st runner-up: Journey Grace Martin, daughter of Willie and Asha Martin of Morgantown

Winner: Reagan Jo Hill, daughter of Stephen Hill of Roundhill

Four and five year old girls

2n/a runner-up: Aubrie Grace Taylor, daughter of Chasity and Andy Taylor of Morgantown

1st runner-up: GabrielaChanel Alexander-Buckley, daughter of AdriAnn Alexander of Bowling Green

Winner: Lejla Marie Mujakovic, daughter of Jade and Amir Mujakovic of Bowling Green

Six and seven year old girls

2n/a runner-up: Harper Rose Sharp, daughter of Jason and Kersie Sharp of Morgantown

1st runner-up: Ada Marie Brown, daughter of Adam and Brooke Brown of Morgantown

Winner: Kaylin Marie Hooten, daughter of Bobbie and Regina Hooten of Morgantown

Jacqueline Rhoades, 2021 Miss Butler County

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