GOP firebrand Michele Fiore enters Nevada governor’s race



CARSON CITY, Nevada (AP) – A Las Vegas city councilor who has drawn the nation’s attention for her support for armed militiamen who clashed with federal law enforcement officers in armed clashes over the past decade said Tuesday that ‘she was running for governor of Nevada.

Republican Michele Fiore announced her intention to appear at a press conference at the Italian-American club in Las Vegas, where she spoke about her political battles and said she would bring the same fervor to the fight against vaccination warrants, terrorist organizations and electoral fraud.

Fiore, originally from New York, served in the Nevada State Assembly from 2012 to 2016, during which she opposed tax increases, supported gun rights and was the spearhead of a controversial proposal that would have significantly reduced the federal power to manage Nevada’s public lands and waters.

Her ties to breeder Cliven Bundy and her family put her in the media spotlight during armed clashes between self-proclaimed Citizen Militia members and federal law enforcement in Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014 and Malheur, Oregon in 2016.

She drew extra attention during a congressional run in 2016 for sending out a Christmas card showing her and her family armed with handguns and semi-automatic pistols. She was elected to the city council in 2017.

“I’ve spent my whole life fighting the establishment,” Fiore said in a campaign video released Tuesday, standing in front of a black Ford F-150 with a Trump 2024 sticker on it. “We need the outsiders, the outsiders, the fighters, not the same boring, moderate, compromise old politicians. “

The video shows Fiore walking through the desert in a red robe with a handgun strapped to her waist which she draws to shoot bottles labeled “vaccination warrants”, “critical race theory” and “electoral fraud”.

Fiore’s entry adds him to a slate of Republican gubernatorial candidates in Nevada and other purple states who attack state-level executive actions that incumbent Democratic re-election contenders have passed and blame their mandates and restrictions for slow economic recovery.

His announcement comes amid reports of an FBI investigation into Fiore’s campaign finance records and stories of physical confrontations with a former political ally at City Hall. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that officers had subpoenaed files and searched Fiore’s home in northwest Las Vegas.

She will likely have the backing of conservative Republicans who see her as a gun rights champion and lawyer for former President Donald Trump. His entry could shift the debates to the right in a race in which Heller, once known as moderate, refused to explicitly say that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

In addition to Fiore, the Nevada Republican primary field in June 2022 includes former US Senator Dean Heller, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, Reno’s attorney Joey Gilbert, Gardnerville Fred Simon and venture capitalist Guy Nohra.

On Tuesday, Fiore, who was elected a member of the Nevada Republican National Committee in 2020, said she supported efforts to audit the state’s election results in 2020. Gilbert, who was outside of the state The United States Capitol when it was violently stormed on Jan.6, also called for further scrutiny of the election.

Fiore said she plans a campaign approach similar to her previous political battles and will not work with Democrats if it involves compromising her positions.

” It is not me. You’ll never hear me do that. If you want, vote for one of my main opponents, ”Fiore said.


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