Four-day training conference equips pastoralists in rural Kenya


Kenya (MNN) – Today begins a four-day training conference for pastors serving remote communities in Kenya.

Keeping a rural church is hard work. “A lot of these pastors are working in really difficult situations. They are very far away; they are isolated ”, Kenya hopeJoy Mueller said.

“Pastors are very poorly supported financially by their churches; [they receive] less than $ 200 per month, so many have dairy or livestock farms to supplement [their income]. “

Training and networking opportunities are plentiful in the West, but not in rural Kenya. Developing an event and program that meets everyone’s unique needs is a complex but worthwhile endeavor.

(Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

“These pastors come from a wide variety of faiths, educational backgrounds; some speak English, some don’t. Some have very little training and others have gone to Bible school, ”says Mueller.

“We are trying to ensure that [widely-applicable], but the main objective is to equip these pastors to present and teach the Word of God.

In addition to training, Kenya Hope provides tools that pastors need but cannot afford on their own. “We are grateful for the gifts that [allow] introduce us to each pastor [with] the Africa Study Bible, ”says Mueller.

Learn more about the Africa Study Bible here.

“This is an incredible Study Bible developed by 50 pastors and theologians across Africa. This makes the Bible applicable to African culture and African issues.

Find your place in history

At the beginning of the conference, pray for the mercy of the travelers. “Pastors will travel from far and wide to attend this conference,” says Mueller.

“Pray for the fellowship and pray that pastors from the United States will help teach the conference. “

Pray also for victory in spiritual battles. “As we present the Word of God, let it be audio bibles distribution or these pastors conferences, we find that we’re in a battle, and there’s a lot of roadblocks. These can be very disheartening, ”says Mueller.

“But we find that God does amazing things when we don’t let obstacles deter us. “

Visit the Kenya Hope website to learn more about this ministry’s work in rural Kenya. Financial donations help Kenya Hope run training events like this pastors conference. Consider donating to support this work.

” There is enough [few] the costs involved because the cost [presented to] pastors is very, very nominal. We try to cover all of the major expenses for them to come: travel, food, and whatever equipment is presented to them, ”says Mueller.

Header and story images courtesy of Kenya Hope.

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