Fortinet Announces FortiGate 4800F to Improve Security for Hyperscale Data Centers and 5G Networks

Fortinet announced the FortiGate 4800F series of hyperscale firewalls to meet the requirements of hyperscale customers and 5G mobile network operators (MNOs).

Powered by 16 of Fortinet’s seventh-generation (NP7) network processors, FortiGate 4800F delivers the highest performance of any compact firewall, with security compute ratings that deliver up to 34 times better performance than competing solutions, including the ability to support an average of 19 times more connections per second.

Large enterprises and MNOs are constantly looking to do more with less. When it comes to firewalls, higher performance in a smaller footprint means security is becoming an enabler for 5G adoption, enabling mobile service providers to deliver new use cases for businesses and businesses. critical industries and infrastructure. It also ensures that enterprise customers such as high-speed online retailers, research centers, financial institutions and cloud providers have access to the performance, scalability and security they need to meet growing business needs. Reduced space, cooling, and power costs are additional benefits for achieving higher performance in a smaller form factor.

With these results in mind, Fortinet’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in security performance has produced the most powerful compact firewall to date: the FortiGate 4800F. With a 4RU chassis and 400GbE, 200GbE, and 50GbE interfaces, this latest model in Fortinet’s flagship line of firewalls enables MNOs to secure 5G networks with the following capabilities:

Accelerates 5G adoption with secure IP connectivity and support for 19x more connections per second: 5G enables massive machine-to-machine communications that require secure IP connectivity to untrusted environments such as the Internet, edge sites, and the cloud. The FortiGate 4800F enables MNOs to secure massive scale and performance for IP connectivity to external networks and domains with massive carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) performance and hardware logging. To create capacity that meets the needs of today and tomorrow, FortiGate 4800F supports 25 million connections per second to give MNOs the capacity they need to handle traffic spikes and large, sustained loads subscriber connections. Enterprises with high-performance needs can converge multiple firewalls into a single unified system, host applications on-premises, and deliver the required user experience.

Secures 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) traffic and core connectivity with 19x faster IPsec VPN performance: With the increased scale of 5G radio and RAN sharing between carriers to reduce costs, the FortiGate 4800F provides a cost-effective security gateway (SecGW or SEG) to handle 5G RAN scalability and network requirements. security for users and control planes.

FortiGate 4800F also offers hyperscale security for hyperscale data centers with the following capabilities:

Enables ultra-fast 400G data center interconnection: With 400G ports in a compact 4RU form factor, FortiGate 4800F enables organizations to connect and replicate data securely with lightning-fast streams of elephants, while providing privacy and privacy to ensure that all data and all services are provided close to customers and partners. Enterprises with high-performance needs can converge multiple firewalls into a single unified system, host applications on-premises, and deliver the required user experience. In April 2021, Fortinet became the first vendor to provide 400 Gbps ports over a hyperscale firewall through FortiGate 7121F, followed by the FortiGate 3700F in May 2022. FortiGate 4800F continues Fortinet’s legacy as the only vendor providing interfaces 400 GbE on a hyperscale firewall to support the most intensive large-scale use case.

Eliminate blind spots with 6x faster SSL inspection: With up to 95% of today’s traffic encrypted, SSL inspection has become essential to properly securing the network. While encrypted paths are meant to make traffic safer, they also allow bad actors to hide malicious activity. To allow all encrypted traffic to be inspected while keeping up with the speed of today’s networks, FortiGate 4800F offers the industry’s highest SSL inspection performance along with support for the industry’s latest TLS 1.3 standard. It also ensures the elimination of network blind spots by allowing full visibility of plaintext and encrypted network streams.

Secures hybrid IT architectures with VXLAN segmentation: Digital acceleration is only possible with hybrid IT architectures that seamlessly connect and secure on-premises and cloud resources. The FortiGate 4800F enables massively scalable hardware-accelerated VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) segmentation and enables lightning-fast communication between extremely scalable services, such as compute, storage, and co-hosted applications on physical and virtual.

High performance security at scale: FortiGuard’s AI-powered security services deliver innovative, real-time protection against known, zero-day, and unknown threats, including IPS, DNS, AV, and inline sandboxing, for edge deployments and at the heart of data centers by leveraging segmentation and more granular devices (OT/IoT) as well as web and application security capabilities for complete perimeter protection.

Supports Zero Trust architectures with integrated universal ZTNA: FortiGate natively integrates the Universal Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) application to support Zero Trust architectures. Configuring ZTNA Universal with an on-premises or virtual FortiGate ensures that consistent policies and controls span all operating environments, including multiple clouds.

“No other firewall is better suited to support hyperscale and 5G. Not only is FortiGate 4800F the fastest compact hyperscale firewall in the industry, with a capacity of 2.4 Tbps, but it It is also the only 4RU chassis on the market that includes 400Gbps, 200Gbps, and 50Gbps ports, allowing hyperscale customers and mobile network operators to seamlessly scale their businesses without disrupting operations. combination of performance and scalability of our latest firewall will help organizations future-proof enterprise investments in hyperscale data centers, especially with the rise of 5G and as data volume and speed continue to accelerate at an unprecedented rate,” said John Maddison, EVP of Products and CMO at Fortinet.

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