Former radio star Jo Stanley attacks networks for broadcasting radio by women, for women


This is the vision for Broad Radio, which Ms Stanley started working on in August of last year. Since January, she has been using Facebook and YouTube to broadcast live shows. Aimed at women over 35, Broad Radio covers everything from comedy, sports, leadership, politics, health, entertainment and gender equality.

Launch the next application

“We basically ran a minimum viable product or a proof of concept, we did the Tuesday morning live stream on Facebook, which was amazing.

“It served its purpose by truly establishing that we have something that we are hungry for,” she said. “But it’s too hard for people to listen to, and we know everyone listens to the radio in their car. Women especially listen to the radio when they go out.

The next step for Broad Radio is to launch an app so that the network can be in everyone’s pocket, car, and kitchen.

“The app is an opportunity for people to listen where and when they want, and to make it super, super easy,” Ms. Stanley said.

To get the money to fund the technology expansion, Broad Radio funded crowdfunding for $ 50,000. With less than a month left, they’re within $ 2,000 of the goal.

Ms Stanley said she has been speaking with investors since the conception of Broad Radio, but found that she was asking them to invest in something she was not 100% clear about.

That’s why the past year of exploring content through proof of concept live broadcasts has been pivotal.

“Now crowdfunding is more astonishing validation that people want this, that women want that,” she said.

Voices never heard on the radio

“We will continue to scale up and see where we go from there, and then we will most definitely look for investment. Radio is a capital intensive business and from the start we were really committed to making sure everyone who works on the show gets paid.

But Ms Stanley said Broad Radio needs a major investor in the next 12 months to ensure it can continue to pursue its plans.

“You can’t grow up without some kind of financial support, it’s an important goal, but I feel like it’s very achievable. We’re having some good conversations right now.

Ms. Stanley’s vision for Broad Radio is to have voices never heard on radio.

“Women with disabilities, the LGBTQI community, women of color, Indigenous women. It’s not just women over 40 who are being overlooked, ”she said.

“There are 5 million women over 40 in Australia, and they are not being heard because so far there has been only one way to do it. There is clearly a business case to this, ”she said.

“I want to create something that we can listen to in 10, 20 or 30 years and that is easily accessible and as popular as any other radio station we listen to in Australia.”

And from Ms. Stanley’s perspective, the opportunities for brands to reach Broad Radio audiences are clear.

“It’s a very powerful dollar – we know that as women we control most of the spending in every household. It’s folly to overlook this audience if you’re a marketer or a brand, ”she said.

“Plus, I’m 49 and my friends, we love to be consumers, we love to know what brands are doing. We love to build relationships with brands. So for us, this is a really good opportunity to come up with some fantastic content that delivers what women crave. ”

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