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Esquimalt Council has approved its Active Transportation Network Plan, paving the way for better transportation options for its residents.

Approved at a meeting on February 7, the plan aims to set out a holistic approach to improving the way people walk, ride and ride in and through the township, and has been in the works since October 2020.

“The Active Transportation Network Plan process has allowed the Township to thoroughly assess where we are with active transportation and create a master plan for Esquimalt’s future network,” Mayor Barbara Desjardins said in a statement. communicated. “The Board was delighted to approve the plan and we look forward to seeing it come to fruition.”

The plan outlines a goal to increase the percentage of residents using active transportation to get around and, more broadly, to help achieve the greenhouse gas reduction goals outlined in Esquimalt’s Official Community Plan. While the plan outlines projects to be carried out over the next five years as well as projects planned for a longer period, it focuses on five “big moves” that are expected to yield the most benefits.

These big changes include the development of a 3.5 kilometer cycle network on three main roads, the reduction of speed limits on the township’s roads, revisions and improvements to existing intersections and crossings, filling in the gaps into existing sidewalk networks and the introduction of dedicated active transportation staff. .

Capital Bike, a regional cycling education and advocacy group, noted that the plan is an important step as it provides clear direction on where to improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure while making it easier to visit businesses and destinations. communities using climate-friendly modes of transport.

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