DVIDS – News – Fort McCoy Garrison RMO, NEC Provides Behind-the-Scenes Support for Operation Allies Welcome at Fort McCoy

Support for the Operation Allies Welcome (OAW) mission has taken many forms, including technology and financial support from the Network Enterprise Center (NEC) and the Resource Management Office (RMO) at Fort McCoy.

The first challenge NEC faced after receiving news of the OAW mission in August 2021 was how to rapidly increase network capacity and connectivity to meet mission demands.

“The NEC immediately began expanding network connectivity in OAW support areas, to include the extension of commercial Internet and unclassified networks in multiple buildings to provide wide area network access to interagency and non-governmental organizations, as well as military support units designated to support OAW operations,” NEC director John Baltich said.

NEC also helped Task Force McCoy and the Civil Logistics Augmentation Program expand wireless internet and hotspots for Afghan guests, allowing them to communicate again with friends and members of their family. Extensive internet access has also improved the ability to effectively process the guest population quickly and efficiently, Baltich said.

NEC staff members provided ongoing support by responding to technical or communications-related issues that arose when OAW support staff arrived on the ground, Baltich said. One example included expanding video conferencing support, including weekends, to facilitate collaborative efforts. NEC personnel also created additional accounts on the Army Network for units coming to Task McCoy for OAW.
Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Fort McCoy NEC to enable rapid responses to critical mission support needs, Baltich said.

“Overall, the IT and communications support provided by the NEC would not have been possible without the full commitment of all NEC personnel, and the collaborative effort and support of the Task Force Office G6, 7th Signal Command, 106th Signal Brigade ARNORTH G6, and all mission partners and Fort McCoy garrison leaderships,” Baltich said.

Baltich said he would also like to thank NEC Business and Operations Division Chief Tim Simonson and Network Operations Specialist Sherm Thayer for their critical roles in supporting the OAW mission.
Every mission requires money, and RMO played a crucial role in ensuring garrison organizations had the funds to support the OAW quickly.

“RMO was involved from the start,” said former Resource Management Officer Maureen Richardson. “The budget manager and the head of the RMO were present at every planning meeting, pushing cardholder limits up. … We have created an accounting line in financial systems and are coordinating with higher headquarters to obtain resources for the mission.

As the mission continued, RMO established a cell in Task Force McCoy Headquarters, which became a feeder for the garrison, 88th Readiness Division and 181st Multi-Function Training Brigade offices to make purchases, modify contracts and help fund soldier payments, Richardson says.

Richardson said she would like to thank RMO’s Matt Schroeder and Mike Jensen for their hard work in support of OAW. “(They) adapted quickly to take on new and ever-changing roles,” she said.

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