Dodge will certify dealers as “Power Brokers” as part of the launch of a 2-year business plan


DETROIT – Dodge will begin calling certain dealers “Power Brokers,” a designation indicating that a store’s sales, service and parts operations meet the brand’s customer service standards and has a personnel with in-depth knowledge of vehicle specifications, performance parts and installation.

Building a network of certified retailers is one of the first steps in a two-year business plan that Dodge began rolling out on Monday. The brand, which is set to record its lowest sales volume in the United States since the separation of Ram trucks in 2009, announces that it will release at least one new milestone of the plan, which it calls “Never Lift. “, every three months.

“Some will be minors, but there will be a few that are game-changing,” said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis in an online video, “so we’ll give you a timeline and we’ll tell you the timelines, but we’re not going to tell you which are major and which are minor. “

The steady rollout of the news comes as Dodge, known for its roaring internal combustion engines, begins to shift to electrification. Dodge is expected to launch a plug-in hybrid model in 2022 and a battery-electric muscle car in 2024. The high-octane brand will also showcase an electric concept next year.

Never Lift’s first shipment did not address electric vehicles. It focused on the customer experience at dealerships, promotional giveaways and finding a brand ambassador.

The start of the two-year plan comes with Dodge’s US sales down 14% this year through October, making it the biggest brand to post a double-digit decline. Its performance contrasts with a gain of 13% for the industry as a whole over the same period.

Power Brokers store salespeople, said Dodge, “will have the knowledge to guide customers through the performance features of Dodge vehicles and the performance upgrades available.” The brand said consumers will be able to “purchase a vehicle with upgrades directly from a Power Brokers dealership, with the added benefit of maintaining the balance of the vehicle’s factory warranty when parts are installed by. a Dodge Power Brokers dealership “.

These dealerships will also run performance clinics for enthusiasts and keep a full line of Dodge performance models available for customer test drives.

The Power Brokers program will start on December 15th.

Dodge said Monday that its Direct Connection performance parts brand is coming back as an exclusive source of factory-guaranteed parts and official technical information.

The Direct Connection brand was launched in 1974 and was incorporated into the Mopar umbrella in the 1980s. “It was about offering enthusiasts the best possible support straight from the factory with parts, technical advice guides and textbooks that serve as high performance, practical Bibles, ”Kuniskis said.

Modern performance kits will be available through Direct Connection to improve the engine, suspension and transmission of the current Dodge Challenger. It will also provide “race-ready parts” for the Challenger Mopar Drag Pak, including engines, transmissions and a white body that Dodge says will allow racers to build their own Drag Pak.

“These are the factory performance parts you requested, like the Hellcat and Red Eye stage kits, tuned and updated with a direct connect PCM tuning module,” Kuniskis said. “These kits meet emissions standards and they will not violate your factory warranty.”

Direct connect resources for muscle car enthusiasts and racers will include a performance parts website, technical information hotline and parts catalog.

The brand said the Power Brokers stores will be exclusive hubs where consumers can get the direct connect coins. The direct connect program begins its rollout on December 15.

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