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Smarter grids. Smarter business.

As we move into a world powered by 5G, mobile connectivity is once again expected to have a profound impact on consumers, businesses and society. We all know the 5G opportunity is huge, but the key question is how to seize it?

If we approach it the right way today, with the right plan for tomorrow, the 5G journey is achievable. At Ericsson Digital Services, we’ve empowered our customers to monetize every generational change in cellular technology, maximizing both existing investments and opening up new revenue opportunities.

Taking the necessary steps and evolving networks for 5G means investing in well-integrated hardware and, more importantly, in software. With 5G, the complexity of operating networks will go far beyond what any human can handle. To reap the full benefits of 5G, investing in additional technologies is now essential for businesses so that service providers can monetize 5G and simultaneously create new growth opportunities within the business.

At Ericsson Digital Services, we make networks smarter because it’s a smart business.

We are the 5G leader, having delivered 5G Core solutions to over 83 * customers worldwide to date. Working at the heart of the evolution of 5G, we deliver industry-leading, cost-effective software solutions that make networks highly performing, automated, highly programmable and monetizable.

This is a smart business because leveraging Ericsson’s native cloud, service orchestration and automation technologies in core networks is essential to enable network slicing and edge solutions. With 5G, we are already seeing new use cases and digital services, opening up growth potential for service providers, with an additional opportunity estimated at $ 700 billion, addressing the digitalization of the industry with B2B applications. compatible with 5G by 2030 **. We help service providers to market faster and capitalize on new services, with superior communications and monetization solutions for consumers and businesses. By investing in our technology and software, which through continuous development and integration “never sleeps”, service providers can stay ahead of the 5G business race, now and in the future.

Ericsson makes 5G transition and monetization possible. We help service providers sustain and grow their consumer business, while allowing them to continue to deliver on the business promise. With our long history of helping our clients transform their businesses and networks across all Gs, we know that a step-by-step action plan is essential, where service providers can unlock 5G and IoT revenue today. ‘hui, while preparing to stay ahead of the competition tomorrow.

With a clear strategy and a strong portfolio, we are ready to help our clients further elevate their consumer and business activities.

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