Digimon Ghost Game – The Fall 2021 Preview Guide


What is that?

Not far into the future, technology has advanced. On social networks, dubious rumors are spreading about the mysterious phenomenon of the “ghost hologram”. Hiro Amanokawa, a first year college student, activates a strange object left by his father, a Digivice. Suddenly he can see mysterious creatures that no one else can see, called Digimon. This is how Hiro meets the mischievous Digimon, Gammamon, and his whole world changes. Now he is faced with scary monsters like “the man sewn in the mouth” and a mummy who kidnaps humans.

Digimon Ghost game is the latest TV anime for the Digimon franchise and broadcast on Crisp Saturdays.

How did the first episode go?

Richard Eisenbeis

I think it’s fair to call me one Digimon fan — although my interest begins and ends with the various Digimon Adventure series and Cyber ​​Detective Games. I know more than a few Digimon and have memorized their evolutionary trees. But all that said, I had little interest in Digimon Ghost game entering. From the trailers, it was clear that this was not the Digimon I was used to it, which turned out to be a good thing.

Digimon Ghost game Essentially combines urban legends with Digimon to create horror stories for the digital age. Recently, hologram ghosts have caused some strange supernatural problems. They are, of course, malicious Digimon, though how they can affect our world is a mystery.

The first episode centers around a Clockmon ghost who hits people over the head with a hammer and literally steals their time, leaving them aged and on the verge of death. The show does a good job of creating a scary vibe. Watching Clockmon play with his victims, terrifying them before they get old is certainly unsettling, not to mention the aging effect that makes them feel like they have “chosen wrong” and had a drink of the wrong Holy Grail.

Following the theme of urban legend, our hero (aptly named Hiro) is the victim of another supernatural event linked to Digimon: his father has disappeared, leaving nothing but a menacing hole in his office and a Digivice in watch form in the center of it. It’s clear that what happened to his father will be one of the great mysteries of the series, even if it comes in hologram form when Hiro gets his partner Digimon.

As usual for the franchise, Digimon’s primary partner – in this case Gamamon – has a vaguely dinosaur shape (a triceratops in his case). It’s a cool design and I can’t wait to see further evolutions in the tree. Clockmon, on the other hand, looks really creepy in places with his lips sewn together.

Although it is not exactly the Digimon I know it well, Digimon Ghost game seems like a fun reinvention of the series. If you are a kid, a hardcore Digimon fan or fan of Japanese-style urban legends, this one might be worth a look.

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