Delta TechOps joins CFM Leap-1B MRO network

Delta TechOps has signed a service agreement under the CFM (CBSA) brand under which it joins the engine manufacturer’s MRO network for Leap-1B engines. With this agreement, Delta TechOps will provide commercial and technical support for the Leap-1B. Delta TechOps said it was the first MRO vendor to sign a CBSA for the engine model.

“The level of support we can provide as part of the Leap MRO network will help both Delta and our MRO customers achieve efficiency benefits throughout the life of the product,” said Mahendra Nair, Senior Vice President of Fleet and Supply Chain TechOps for Delta Air Lines. .

This announcement follows the 200 Leap-1B engines that Delta will carry to accompany its order for 100 Boeing 737 Max 10s. This order included spare parts and options for another 60 engines, ostensibly dependent on Delta’s options for another 30 Max 10s. .

CFM has delivered more than 5,400 installed and spare Leap engines and has an order backlog of approximately 10,000, Delta TechOps noted, adding that the fleet has accumulated 20 million flight hours and 8.9 million cycles. .

“Demand for Leap shop visits will increase rapidly over the next five to 10 years due to the volume of engines in service,” said Tom Levin, vice president of strategic aftermarket solutions for CFM’s parent company, GE. Aviation. “This agreement is another crucial step in expanding our open MRO network support.”

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