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Much of America works on gas and oil.

An upcoming episode of a new series on Fox Business Network, How America Works, narrated by Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame, will feature Cameron Energy from County Warren.

This episode will air next week – at 8 p.m. on Monday, September 27.

“The show’s philosophy is to show real Americans doing their real jobs, without any artificial drama,” Cameron, vice president and chief operating officer, said John Stewart. “Producers found Cameron Energy’s website – – and contacted us earlier in the year to gauge our interest.

It was not automatic.

“My family and I discussed this with our management team”, said Stewart. “No one wanted to be involved in a prank.”

“Mike Rowe’s involvement is what convinced us to do the show”, he said.

With this good faith in place, the company was eager to participate.

“We are proud of our job of supplying natural gas to local homes and businesses and supplying oil to the ARG refinery in Bradford,” said Stewart. “The producers were interested in how this process worked. “

They discovered it, at first from a distance.

“We did the pre-production by phone in March”, said Stewart. “In preparation, we sent photos and videos of what we do at Cameron, and then had several conference calls to discuss the different jobs that could be filmed.”

The two entities have established a timetable.

In April, a film crew came to Warren County and cameras caught people doing their jobs… with a twist.

“During the shoot, Cameron’s staff performed normal duties, but with the unusual mission of explaining what we were doing to the television cameras. “ said Stewart. “The scenes they filmed were real, warts and everything.”

“It’s incredible what didn’t make the final cup” he said. “The crew filmed dozens of hours of material for an hour-long show, including many Cameron jobs that were completely excluded from the final cut.”

“In the end, the producers decided to introduce five Cameron employees”, said Stewart.

He was. The others were: Alex Grubbs – Service and Connection Manager, Brad Bawden – Well Care Manager, Larry Faul Jr. – Chief Roustabout and Kyle Johnson – Chief Engineer. “

While other employees are not shown, several will appear on the screen. “A lot of Cameron’s other employees have cameo roles,” said Stewart.

The work met the approval of the workers. “The final product is a satisfying reality” said Stewart. “The producers took the time to get to know us and it shows in the final product. “

“We are particularly pleased that producers have taken the time to learn about oil and gas,” he said. “It’s common today to talk about other forms of energy, but 95% of the world’s transportation is fueled by oil, and natural gas is what keeps us warm in the winter. “

“The show contains reminders of the vital role oil and gas play in people’s lives, and with all the negativity today, it was fun to have a film crew here who enjoyed the hard work required to keep the lights and heat on, “ he said.

A preview titled Keep Calm and Frack On can be seen at

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