Business Perspective: Reasons to Hire a Financial Planning Professional News from local businesses


Point of view of Brandon Jaquis

There is no end to the constant flow of data that is flooding our minds these days.

Our phones, laptops, TVs and tablets always keep us up to date, even on topics that don’t interest us.

One subject that is close to our hearts, at some level, is that of personal finance.

With an abundance of resources on the subject, you might think you can invest on your own and your financial future, but before buying this week’s hot stocks, think about these reasons to hire a professional. financial planning.

Relieve stress: Hiring an advisor allows you to outsource the essential work of establishing a comprehensive financial plan, implementing it, and maintaining discipline. It can also lighten your time.

A prudent and trained financial advisor will monitor the performance of your investments and understand your unique financial goals, so you don’t have to constantly monitor financial news or worry about what will happen to your assets in the event of death or death. disability.

Improved investor experience: Advisors help investors stay focused during times of heightened market volatility.

When you stay invested according to your long-term plan, you reduce transaction costs which erode investment returns and increase the likelihood of capturing market rises.

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