BORANETWORK Announces Sandbox Network Integration of ‘Meta Toy DragonZ’ | New

  • The first project presented with the Sandbox Network as a member of the BORA Governance Council.
  • Plans to support various projects ranging from PFP NFT to P2E games of ‘Meta Toy DragonZ.’
  • Host an onboarding celebration event for “Meta Toy DragonZ”.

Seoul, South Korea, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On the 27th, BORANETWORK (CEO Song Gye-han) announced that a non-fungible token project (hereafter NFT) “Meta Toy DragonZ (MTDZ)” of the multi-channel network (hereafter MCN) Sandbox Network (CEO Lee Pil-sung) will be integrated into BORA.

“Meta Toy DragonZ” is a project managed by Sandbox Network, a leading digital entertainment company in the MCN industry. Based on pixel art, it sequentially presents various web 3.0 based metaverse works such as PFP (Profile Picture) NFT games as well as P2E (Play to Earn) etc.

In particular, in the first quarter of last year, the company launched PFP NFT using the intellectual property of “Meta Toy DragonZ” and immediately sold everything, again proving the potential of the NFT market.

BORANETWORK will support transactions on the BORA PORTAL marketplace of ‘Meta Toy DragonZ NFT’ through this joint project. In addition, it plans to support the exchange of game products used in the “MTDZ” game through BORA, which is scheduled to be released later.

To celebrate this integration, the BORANETWORK will organize an event exclusively for ‘Meta Toy DragonZ’.

First, by June 10a wallet that has registered the NFT “Meta Toy DragonZ” on the sales list will be raffled on the BORA PORTAL market and will receive “tBORA” which can be converted into game goods.

Additionally, ‘tBORA’ will be presented via lottery to users who retweeted the official tweet of ‘Meta Toy DragonZ Bora Onboarding’ by June 7.

BORANETWORK CBO Lim Young-joon said, “I’m really happy that ‘Meta Toy DragonZ’ has shown new potential in the NFT market and ‘Meta Toy DragonZ’ has been integrated into BORA,” adding, “We will do our best to better to expand the influence of ‘MTDZ’ intellectual property by actively using BORANETWORK’s platform operating know-how.”

The services provided by BORA PORTAL can be viewed on the BORA PORTAL website.



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Director, Ha Dongwan, METABORA, [email protected]

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