Best Universities to Study Cybersecurity in Canada

Cybersecurity is one of the most delicate and difficult subjects of our time. It is an application of different technologies, processes and how a system, network or device can be protected against cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is all about reducing the risk of cyberattacks and protecting all unauthorized processing, networks and technologies. Educating and training much the same is the need of the hour. In one study, it was reported that 3.5 million cybersecurity positions go unfilled due to lack of child exposure, leaving the public, private, and government sectors highly vulnerable.

Here is a list of colleges and universities in Canada where you can study cybersecurity:

  1. Concordia youuniversity
    Concordia University’s Information Systems Security Engineering degree trains a student to design, implement, and manage a variety of real-world information system security. With theories and practice, you will come to examine what are the modern and current security information systems. You will also have access to all state-of-the-art laboratories as well as research centers. Some popular projects include modeling the quantitative network and its vulnerabilities, analyzing and designing specific stream ciphers, and evaluating security software.
  2. youuniversity Of NOTuh Braunschweig
    The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity here is over 20 years old and known for its security innovations and talent development, which helps provide a one-year master’s degree in applied cybersecurity. The main motto of the university is to train students to become experts in cybersecurity. A few of the topics covered in the program are advanced data communication and networking, cryptanalysis and database security, privacy fundamentals, software security, digital forensics electives, and capstone projects, as well as many other such topics.
  3. Ontario University of Technology
    At Ontario Tech University, the Master of Information Technology Security program is a foundational graduate program that helps a student work in a high-demanding IT security business and industry. The program provides students with the best experience of applying core course material to a substantial project in a workplace during and after the program. It also offers real and practical knowledge to students. A student can also get an isolated environment and work there on various computer security projects and experiments.
  4. York University
    The York University course provides skills and knowledge to students and allows them to learn through cybersecurity theories, principles, practices and different technologies. Courses focus on important technical materials that help develop safe and effective cybersecurity decisions while addressing issues such as trust and reputation, cryptography, network security, malware and intrusion detection, as well as the development of high assurance systems. The course here prepares you to become a better researcher, to have a good career and to help you improve the skills required in the profession.
  5. University OfWinnipeg
    At the University of Winnipeg, the Network Security program is offered in partnership with the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology. To learn the computer security skills, the university helps you grasp them and provide you with hands-on learning experience in their state-of-the-art labs. The degree program is designed in such a way that it blends perfectly with contrasting elements, which are hands-on learning and theoretical/conceptual learning of computing. After graduating here, you will have a brief knowledge of security solutions, designs, protocol work, and many similar topics.

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