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Phoebe Carlton, senior, became interested in art as soon as she could start taking pictures with her phone’s camera. Since then she has found a passion for art and social change. Carlton was voted “Best Local Artist” by the Elon community.

Carlton said she hopes her pieces will make people think about it, as many of her favorite works offer commentary on political or social issues. His recent series, titled “Acedia,” resonates with many Elon students, highlighting the difficulties they faced during the ongoing pandemic.

“I hope people can watch my ‘Acedia’ series and see what they felt during the pandemic on a canvas, confirming for them that it was in fact a shared experience of intense emotions and of anxiety for everyone and that they’re not alone, ”Carlton said.

Currently pursuing a BFA in studio art, Carlton said his experiences at Elon have been invaluable to his artistic career.

A professor of art and environmental studies, Samantha DiRosa is one of Carlton’s professors and thesis supervisor and has said that Carlton is a very sophisticated and mature artist who is always working to strengthen her skills.

DiRosa also said she admires Carlton’s subject matter and his willingness to present difficult social issues.

“She always seeks depth and intentionality in her work,” said DiRosa. “I saw that it was very consistent throughout the time that I have worked with her. I think it is so deserved.

According to Carlton, her art has been a learning experience and allowed her to accept her own experiences and be honest with herself.

“Art has helped me realize that very little is black and white, and very little, maybe none, is neutral,” Carlton said.


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