BEDC begins network cleanup to boost service delivery


October 03 (THEWILL) – As part of efforts to improve service delivery under the Reflective Service Tariff (SRT) scheme in the electricity supply industry, BEDC Electricity Plc (BEDC) has launched a major exercise network cleanup that required disconnection of illegal consumers and those with other offenses that could hamper its proper functioning.

The network clean-up that began recently with a massive disconnection in the government reservation zone (GRA) and border road in the city of Benin, Edo state, saw the company’s team consist of : managers of business units and service centers in these locations, scanning the network for illegalities, while interacting with customers to identify issues encountered as feedback for service improvement , with a view to resolving these complaints / issues to enable legitimate customers to continue to enjoy improved service.

During the clean-up process, the team, led by Head of State, Edo, Mr. Abel Enechaziam, directed customers to their customer complaints channels to resolve complaints / issues and encouraged customers with debt. to participate in the new debt rescheduling program, developed as a stopgap for customers who owe electricity bills and are unable to instantly pay those debts, given various challenges that have reduced their ability to pay.

The scheme provides the opportunity or the ability to restructure the terms and conditions so that they can settle their unpaid consumer bills over a longer payment period of up to 60 months.

Prior to the start of the network clean-up, BEDC had initiated an extensive customer contact program through direct communication with customers by field representatives, point-of-sale agents, call center representatives aiming to provide clients with individual debt rescheduling solutions based on the Debt Rescheduling Scheme.

“We have used the exercise to send a clear message to non-responsive clients that BEDC will not allow breaches to continue within the network. The interaction was friendly and business oriented. We helped some of them solve their problems, while several disconnections took place among others who were extremely in debt or illegally logged on. The main thing was to let customers know that BEDC energy distribution services are sustainable if they pay their bills quickly, ”noted Mr. Enechaziam.

He explained that the exercise, which involved visiting customers’ homes and business premises in selected locations, provided BEDC with the ability to check installed meters, especially prepaid meters (PPM), to detect possible workarounds and / or huge debts, claiming that such debts hindered the company from optimizing its service delivery.

According to him, customers willing to settle their debts have signed debt rescheduling agreements, while those who have committed meter breaches and other illegalities have received disconnection notices.

“We encourage our esteemed customers to visit company service centers or contact official communication channels, including our website, as well as partner point-of-sale agent channels for a detailed overview of the program. debt rescheduling and take advantage of the debt collection solutions offered, ”added Mr. Enechaziam.

“Overall, we appreciate what the exercise has been able to achieve and we are happy that the Edo experience has brought us closer to customers and has also shown that we are working hard to improve the customer experience by checking for breaches that could hamper our performance in the quest for a better power supply, ”continued the Edo State CSH.

Also commenting, GRA Commercial Director Ingr. Ekaette Etuikudem said: “Our outing made people realize that BEDC is there to monitor the network and check for illegalities. We are able to send a strong signal to those who practice circumvention that this will no longer be tolerated.

Customers are also generally aware that the supply of electricity is not free and that they have to pay their bills to continue to enjoy the distribution of energy in their homes, ”said GRA’s business manager.

According to management, the clean-up exercise will also be extended to other BEDC franchise areas in Ondo, Ekiti and Delta states, to improve company performance while better responding to complaints. customers, despite the difficult economic climate.

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