AWS introduces a private 5G network without 5G

The service, which was announced late last year, will use CBRS spectrum and support 4G LTE and promises a simplified way to set up a private cellular network for businesses.

While AWS has yet to give a date for 5G availability, the company has claimed it will deliver consistent throughput with ultra-low latency both indoors and outdoors.

The solution will integrate with other AWS security and observability resources, including AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).

“More innovation and participation in the private networking space is good for the market and demonstrates the growing interest and value of private networks,” said Minchul Ho, General Manager of North America at Baicells.

“Private cellular has many tangible advantages over alternatives like Wi-Fi, as a number of trials and commercial deployments have already demonstrated. However, the underlying business model remains a work in progress.

“AWS Private Network users are charged $10 per hour with a 60-day minimum. If a company wants their network to run ten hours a day for a year – say 255 working days – it would cost them $25,500/year.

Minchul adds that while a third-party managed turnkey network is attractive to businesses, we could see where the network footprint needs to be much larger and where it can make economic sense to build it all on your own.

“While a turnkey network managed by a third party is attractive for enterprises, we could see environments where the network footprint needs to be much larger and where it may make economic sense to just build it yourself. .

“With advances in technology, advanced cellular is no longer the exclusive domain of large national mobile operators, but can be deployed by businesses of all sizes.”

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