Aurora is planning a major expansion of its fiber optic network | national news

Aurora is planning a major expansion of its fiber optic network in 2022.

One project would extend the network to the site of the eventual new Public Works building along Liberty Street just west of County Line Road, while another project would extend the network to the Aurora Municipal Airport.

To do this, the city is considering a contract of approximately $2.7 million with NTI National Technologies, in Downers Grove, and with Adesta LLC, based in Willowbrook, which would be the secondary supplier.

City council members of the infrastructure and technology committee recently recommended the contract.

Mike Baker, a network engineer, said the city would also use the contract to extend the city’s fiber network to two wells and two lift stations. These projects are part of an ongoing five-year capital improvement movement to connect the city’s drinking water and water and sewer systems “so they can all be on one secure network.” , did he declare.

Connecting to the airport has long been the subject of discussion and was recommended by former police chief Kristen Ziman.

It was delayed due to financial issues and concerns that expanding to the airport means going into nearby Sugar Grove. City officials were concerned about security to make sure no one logged into the system without permission.

Mike Pegues, Aurora’s chief information officer, said municipal-only fiber will be extended to the airport.

Eventually, the system could be added to Onlight Aurora, the city’s fiber optic network. But that would mean anyone looking to exploit that system would have to pay for it, Pegues said.

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