A&T’s Humphrey and Tobin earn NCATA weekly honors for second straight time

WACO, TX- No. 1 in acrobatics and tumbling by Baylor Emilie Tobin was named Athlete of the Week as Bayley Humphrey was named Specialist of the Week by the NCATA, both for the second week in a row, the organization announced Wednesday.

This is Tobin’s fifth Athlete of the Week accolades for the season, having previously earned them on February 7, February 23, March 2 and March 30. The eldest competes as a top and rocker for the Bears.

Sophomore base Humphrey earned his third honor of the season, after earning the specialist title for the first time on Feb. 23 and March 30.

Moreover, high Jordan Gruendler won honorable mention Freshman of the Week for the second time this season, first on February 9.

In the 279.775–255.395 win over then-ranked No. 7 Hawaii Pacific, Tobin rode 12 innings while Bayley rode a season-high 11 innings.

Tobin competed in all four mandatory categories, with all but one scoring 9.3 or higher. Humphrey was also a staple in mandatory acro, pyramid and throwing.

For the acro rounds, Tobin competed in the lead in the first round, the 5 elements, scoring 8.85/10 with a raw score of 10.9. Humphrey was a base in innings two and three, innings six and seven elements. Round two scored a 9.75/10 while round three was 9.8/10 with a raw score of 11.1. In the seven-element stunt round, Humphrey is the only base. It is currently the only base in the country to compete as many single-base skills in a single stunt round. No other base currently participates in three of these skills, including a high clinch with a back arc, a straddle clinch on a low clinch, and the one-arm flag with spread.

For the pyramid, Humphrey raced in all three rounds while Tobin led in rounds two and three. In the first set, Humphrey is the mid-level base of a high clinch extended pyramid that scored 9.95/10. In round two, the timed round, Humphrey is the mid-level base for Jordan Gruendler while Tobin is the top of the second pyramid, both with a hand-foot connection. In round three, Humphrey is the base charging the top into the frame as the sole base with Tobin as the top on the second frame. Round three scored a 10/10, the fifth perfect 10 of the season, all in a pyramid.

In the toss innings, Tobin is the best in innings two and three with Humphrey as one of his bases. Round two scored a 9.5/10 while round three was 9.95/10.

Tobin falls in rounds one and five of the tumbling event. The first run, the duo pass, scored 9.6/10 with Kristen McCain. Tobin competes in round five, the Six Elements, solo, earning a score of 9.775/10.

For the team event, Tobin contributes the elements of acro, pyramid, throwing, standing tumbling and running while Humphrey also contributes acro, pyramid and throwing. Humphrey contributes 10 of the 30 required elements while Tobin is part of three.

In addition to the weekly awards announcement, the NCATA released its third and final set of championship rankings on Wednesday, with BU ranked No. 1 for the third week in a row. The top eight teams will qualify for the NCATA National Championships. Seeds and pairings along with the 2022 championship field and overall qualifications for the individual event finals will be released on Monday, April 11.

The NCATA Championship Committee considers overall team performance throughout the season so far and has used the following criteria to consider team rankings: W/L record, head-to-head competition, strength calendar, common opponents, average match score, average match starting value, score differential (execution) and human elements.


Baylor travels to Oregon to face the No. 5-ranked Ducks on Sunday, April 10, for the final regular season meeting. The start time is set for 6:00 p.m. CT and will air on Pac-12 networks.

NCATA #3 Championship Standings – 4/6/22

  1. Baylor
  2. Azusa Pacific
  3. Gannon
  4. Quinnipiac
  5. Oregon
  6. Limestone
  7. Fairmont State
  8. Hawaii Pacific
  9. King
  10. Converse

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