Agency networks, branded CCOs, holding companies awarded with Ad Age A-List and Creativity Awards

Each year, the Ad Age A-List and Creativity Awards recognize the best advertising companies and the most creative people, jobs and companies that drive the business forward. We are delighted to announce that we will once again toast the winners in person with the return of our annual Gala to New York on April 25, 2022.

We have also evolved the program to recognize sectors that have become more critical to the industry, as well as more businesses and individuals who are integral to its future.

The A-List and Creativity Awards have 13 new categories, including those honoring top agency networks, creative brand managers, holding companies, social marketers and more.

See the breakdown of all new categories below.

A list

Agency Network of the Year

This award recognizes a group of agencies within a unique network that have collectively achieved the most remarkable work in terms of creativity and efficiency in 2021.

Holding Company of the Year

This award recognizes a single holding company that stood out during the eligible year. The judges will take into account factors such as gains from clients in multiple agencies within the company or a gain that results in the formation of a store dedicated to serving a single client. Financial performance, organic growth, business gains, new client capabilities, major moves and hires, acquisitions, layouts, creative prowess and more will be factored into the judges’ decision.

Customer Experience Agency of the Year

This award is given to the agency that has best created new strategies and smart new ideas that have allowed clients to connect more closely with consumers. This could include rethinking product offerings using data or information, reconfiguring how customers reach customers with new delivery methods or new applications or, in general, finding new ways. for customers to make their consumers’ experience more transparent, to create new connections to foster loyalty or to increase and strengthen their clientele.

Agency for newcomers of the year

This honor recognizes the most outstanding agency formed in the past 18 months. Agencies that opened between April 1, 2020 and October 1, 2021 can participate.

Goal-driven agency of the year

This award honors the agency that has most successfully helped marketers lead their brands on social awareness issues such as sustainability, social justice, community development and more, while encouraging and building similar initiatives carried out within their own ranks and / or through pro bono efforts on behalf of external entities.

Social Media / Influencer Agency of the Year

This award recognizes agencies that do exceptional work helping their clients shine on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The winning agencies will have an established track record of identifying and connecting brands with influencers and social media stars, create attention-grabbing campaigns and efforts based on social trends for marketers, and show via specific and measurable examples of customer campaigns that generated attention and sales using social media and / or social media stars.

See full descriptions of all A-List categories here.

Creativity Award


Creative Data Campaign of the Year

While data is seen by some as a creativity killer, the smartest advertisers and agencies know how to turn data into creative gold. This category will honor brilliant ideas that combine data and creative thinking to create powerful and innovative marketing campaigns or even products that propel a brand’s business.

Best BtoB campaign

B-to-B doesn’t have to mean “boring”. In this category, we will highlight the most innovative and creative advertising and marketing ideas suitable for speaking to other businesses, whether in concept, craft, strategy or ideally all three. The work honored here should be on par with the best efforts for consumers.


Social Lead / Community Manager of the year

This category celebrates a creative, strategist or executive on the agency or brand side who has demonstrated innovative and groundbreaking thinking in the social media space over the past year.


Brand CCO of the Year

The brands’ internal marketing and creative teams have proven they can create groundbreaking campaigns comparable to those of top agencies. For some, it is thanks to their own creative leaders who have helped promote innovative ideas and new ways of working. This category will honor the brand’s Creative Director who has led his team in producing creative ideas that inspire envy and have also moved business.

Social Marketer of the Year

The world of social media can be a tricky place, and only a few brands know how to walk the space with authenticity and flair. This category honors the brand that does the best in social matters.

Best brand image of the year

The best and most sustainable brands know how to preserve the DNA that propelled them to success while modernizing it for new generations. This category will honor the company which, over the past year, has breathed new life into its brand while honoring its long-standing heritage.


Production agency manager of the year

This category recognizes an agency production manager whose leadership and creativity have guided an agency in creating the most compelling and stimulating marketing messages and ideas of the year. A promising submission will illustrate how the executive both inspired and developed their team and how the contributions impacted their agency’s overall creative output over the past year.

See full descriptions of all Creativity Award categories here.

Enter the A List and Creativity Awards here

Dates to remember:


There is a tiered entry fee structure for the program. Unlike in previous years, the entry deadline for the A-List and Creativity Awards is January 11, 2022.

Regular rate:
$ 450 per category. Ends December 7, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Final deadline price:
$ 600 per category. Deadline January 11, 2022, 5 p.m. ET

There will be no extension of time beyond those described above.

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