A humanist social network is born



Social networks have become a very necessary tool in our daily coexistence. For most of us, we think there is no doubt about it. This is why HUMANISTAS.net was born.

Gradually, they communicate, get together, get organized … spread ideas, criticize and socialize others, who we are, what we do, what we like, what we don’t like. Has emerged in our lives as an easy way to post for…

The invention mimics and amplifies the way people socialize, and as the facts prove, it is clear to the companies that created it that it was a real gold mine for their business strategies and marketing.

Over time, the only limit to its development was the saturation of our own information and exposure. I think we’ve all been through one thing or another.

This saturation and excessive increase in entertainment and marketing suggests that the cycle may change and people may start to switch to other forms or simply abandon them.

Who hasn’t heard of it, or are you fed up with it so get out of Facebook…? I shut up WhatsApp because I can’t stand that many calls… in short, with the era of accelerated violence in which we live.

And there we set up a humanist social network

We do that… a network of humanistic attitudes, a network of good thoughts and good deeds, a network of good people… in short, what we are aiming for and what we want to learn, the only certainty. That’s it. The encounters of these sensitivities and attitudes are good for the participants and, on the whole, very good for the needs of the world.

At this point, it’s good to highlight what we’re aiming for …

A network open to all those who sympathize with the values ​​that we express. A non-financial network with no fees or advertising. An organically built network. That is, a friend who invites another friend to think that he can add to this common project. A flexible network where there can be scientific articles such as photos of family reunions and happy times. A network of trust in which censorship and self-censorship recede thanks to an experience of attentive and human gaze. A network to participate without fear of ridicule. Because we all know how to accept the opinions of others, even if they do not correspond to what we believe. In short, it is a network of diverse, multiple, non-violent people. A network that is built and built because it is always decided by the user.

Finally, since this is only the beginning, the network has all the resources for participants to comment and post or link what they find meaningful to this end. !! !!


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