7 Bridges Brewing Co. works with Trace Network Labs on NFTs Related to Rare Craft Beer Release


So, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one thing. That’s about the extent of my knowledge, and I stubbornly refuse to learn more, but Trace network laboratories works to reinvent space. The company says NFTs will become much more than digital art, “turning into a necessary part of a multi-level virtual experience that changes our perception of digital luxury goods.” Sounds good, if it’s true, for sure. That’s why Trace Network Labs wants to “create a gateway that allows brands and customers to transport their lifestyle products to any metaverse.” Again, I’m not sure how else to phrase this information, but if you nod your head and fully understand it, here’s more:

“This is done through Trace’s NFT Marketplace of unique limited-edition luxury and lifestyle products, Bling. The market was built on the Polygon network, enabling faster, smoother, more secure, and cheaper transactions for metavers.

So anyway, I’m mentioning all of this to relay that Trace has found a brewery to add to their metaverse: Vietnamese craft beer maker 7 Bridges Brewing Company is teaming up with Trace to release an NFT craft beer. This isn’t the first NFT craft beer we’ve heard of, but it’s certainly very different from what Denver Beer Co. auctioned off. This NFT aims to be an experiential product that will harness the loyalty and curiosity of users as well as the need for traceability and authentication of their unique brews on a global platform.

Beer and NFT

7 Bridges Brewing Company coined the term “IMPACT Brewing” to describe its social and environmental activism, which included the creation of Asia’s first commercial craft brewery to achieve zero waste. The NFT craft beer series, called iNFTy, has been brewed with a special limited edition recipe and will be presented as 99 NFT digitized craft beer bottles, each with a unique 3D object illustration supported by its ‘inverted avatar’, a physical cellar embodiment of the original work of art.

This extremely limited edition Grand Cru beer was specially designed for the NFT craft beer offering – the original recipe of which was literally burned, so it will never be brewed again. 7 Bridges will cellar the bottles in optimal conditions, which can be physically claimed by the highest NFT bidders until the next leap year, February 29, 2024.

Each NFT artwork is numbered, unique, and captures the deeper meanings of its corresponding number, drawn from science, history, pop culture, and mysticism. These special and unique art labels will be stuck on packs of beer bottles that have been specially brewed for the iNFTy project and will be kept in the cellar to be claimed by the winning bidder of each iNFTy bottle.

There will never be more than 110 physical bottles, 99 NFT and 11 “Brewer’s Reserve” editions. The company will be launching 99 of the 500ml bottles in a series of NFT auctions to be held on Bling and will be published over a short period, counting from 99 to 1. Users can participate in the global auction on the site. Bling NFT Marketplace and place as many bids as they see fit. These NFTs will be transferable and negotiable like any other ERC token.

Beer in the metaverse

Trace recently announced its entry into the Metaverse space with “Lifestyle for the Metaverse” as its main offering, and aligns this NFT beer launch with its overall vision for the Metaverse. These NFTs have the ability to enter any metaverse, meaning owners can take their NFT beer bottles with them wherever they go in the metaverse.

This will allow holders to show their unique drink collection as a virtual avatar to the whole world in all its unique splendor – a unique lifestyle item for the metaverse.

So you know, it looks cool if you know what it is.

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